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Write stylish name in call of duty mobile

How To Write Stylish Name In Call Of Duty Mobile

Hey guys in this post we are going to talk about how to write stylish name call of duty mobile and believe me after reading this whole you will be amazed, as I have prepared something special for you guys, and all the hard work is hidden behind this post, you can’t imagine how long has it taken me to get this for you! Now all you have to do is to read this whole post carefully! And if you don’t know me I am mak gamer!

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Write stylish Name In Call of Duty Mobile

So guys previously I told you about how can you write cool names for cod and so many people were able to add stylish symbols in their names but on the other hand some other people were still asking

how to write the call of duty mobile name same symbols this,at also have happened as most people direct go for the conclusion and do not watch the full video! So as I told in the video all of the symbols were not supported with the call of duty mobile and some people used them and I also said if one symbol does not work then use another but who listens to me!

But don’t worry guys today nothing like that going to happen! And the good news is there will be no issue while creating your call of duty mobile name as some people get the error of username contains invalid character so I guarantee after using the way I am going to tell you no such error going to happen while writing cod name, and don’t forget to comment down your name I just wanna see how creative you are and what awesome name can you create!

How To Add Symbols In Cod Mobile

So guys it is going to be very simple and easy for you guys to add cod name symbols! And to write the stylish name in call of duty mobile Guys below I have provided each and almost every symbol that is supported with the call of duty mobile, guys it took me around 2-3 hours to gather all these symbols, so please don’t forget to share this post with your friends!



死  ゴ   ン  行   く

あ ۰ ل   y  и  X۰   丂

め  ﻲ  ـــ҉  م  ا҉ ر

・Ç  ボ    が   ē

è    行   く   ঌ   㐃

ḡ Ï コーン マ

ñ   Ô   亗   么   ۝

ß  ス  ッ   ぺ

^ ^  ƓƬ×  彡 彡  K҉

の  幺  幺  {name}

日  タ  ッ  サ

は  馬  Ш  Й

т  н  木   無  能


How To Put Symbols In Codm name

guys now just grab a notepad and I think today every mobile does have a notepad inbuilt but if in case your mobile does not have a notepad just any from play store now all you have to do is to copy the symbols that you want to use in the notepad and adjust them forward and backward of your names! I hope you are getting what I am trying to say!

here are some names that I have made for example

MンkиG ا҉رmer

So guys don’t forget to comment down your name I just wanna see your creativity, and I hope you like this post and everything is crystal clear to you that how can you write the stylish name on call of duty mobile! If you still have any kind of doubt just comment down and you can also watch the video regarded this post!

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write the stylish name on call of duty mobile! and if you guys also want to add symbols and write the stylish name in games such as pubg or clash of clans or pubg new state just go through the website you will find so many helpful tips for gaming !


about cod mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile, a free-to play shooter game, was developed by TiMi Studio Group. It is published by Activision on iOS and Android. It was launched on October 1, 2019. It was the biggest mobile game launch in history with over US$480m in revenue and 270 million downloads in a single year.

Call of Duty: Mobile, formerly called Call of Duty: Legends of War and Elite Squad, is a free mobile first person shooter. It was first released in Alpha for Android systems in Australia on December 15, 2018.

Activision announced Call of Duty: Mobile on March 18, 2019. HTML4_ HTML5_ The game’s release date was September 18, 2019, and it was made available worldwide on October 1, 2019. HTML5_ The game was unavailable in Vietnam, China mainland, and Belgium at launch. The game was launched in Vietnam on April 20, 2020. The game was also released in China on December 25, 2020.

On its third day, the game had over 35 million downloads. It also reached 100 million downloads in its first week . Call of Duty Mobile had 180 million global downloads by the end of 2019. The game had over 250 million downloaded and generated almost $327 million by June 2020. The game had over 500 millions, and generated more than $1 billion. The game had over 500 million downloads as of May 2021

It could be considered a spiritual successor of Call of Duty. This is due to the same approach of a mega-game as the former, as well as taking various weapons from the former.

Some Features Of cod Mobile


In multiplayer mode, players can choose whether to play in ranked or unranked matches. There are two types of in-game currencies available: Credits, which can be earned by playing the game, or “COD points”, which can be bought with real money. You can play the entire game for free, but you can’t buy exclusive characters or weapon skins unless you have COD Points.


In November 2019, a Zombies mode was introduced. The mode allowed players to form teams and fight zombies in waves. It could be played in Endless Survival Mode which was similar to the classic zombies experience. Raid Mode threw waves at players before moving on to a boss encounter. It was possible to choose between Normal or Heroic difficulty. It is a four-player team that must survive and defend their teleportation device against continuous waves of zombies. The day begins with players collecting supplies that they can use during the night. There are three difficulty levels to this mode: Nightmare, Hardcore, and Casual. Casual requires that the team survive for three nights, while other difficulties require that the team survive for five nights.

Battle Royale[ ]

The game features battle royale modes that can accommodate up to 100 players. You can play as a solo player, a member of a team of two or four players, or both. All players can choose one of the following abilities at the beginning of a game: healing, making a launchpad, or both. Once everyone is ready, they board a plane that will fly in a straight line across the map. Every game is affected by this flight path. Each team gets a jump leader, who determines where and when they will land. There are weapons, vehicles and other items on the map that players can use to increase their chances of killing enemy soldiers while still being alive. High-tier loot zones are marked in yellow on the map and provide better items. As the game progresses, the safe zone shrinks. Players who stay outside of the safe zone for too long will be killed. If they are the last remaining player or team, the game is won. Battle royale has a few modes, including Sniper Challenge and Battle Royale Alcatraz. Battle Royale Blackout, Battle Royale Blackout and 20v20 Warfare are also available.


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