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The Voice has always featured a rotating cast of judges with their own unique vocal talents, but who will be there as Blake Shelton leaves?
Television is saturated with talent competition shows of all kinds, from cooking to dancing competitions, and a plethora of shows that along singers to showcase their talents. The Voice makes itself stand out among the rest because of its unique formula, which requires the coaches to initially listen to the singers with their backs turned, allowing them to make a judgment call based solely on the talent of the performer and not their appearance.
The Voice also gained popularity because of the incredibly talented judges that initially made their appearances on the show, as well as the rotating cast of judges that would bless The Voice with their talents. Blake Shelton rapidly became a fan favorite of the show and has been the one constant coach on The Voice since its conception in 2011. With his final season upon us, which talented vocalists will join Shelton for his final round of chair turns?
Although Blake Shelton was not the original country music star The Voice had in mind for the reality singing competition, he made himself perfectly at home throughout the duration of the show.
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Season one of The Voice featured not only Blake Shelton, but Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, and CeeLo Green, with the last two mentioned only appearing in a few seasons of the NBC original.
Adam Levine lasted the second longest at sixteen seasons. The relationship between Levine and Shelton became known as a bit of a bromance among viewers, with the two always taking jabs at each other in a mildly aggressive yet loving way.
The departure of three of the original four judges opened The Voice up to have an impressive rotating cast of coaches on the show including the likes of Shakira, Usher, Kelly Clarkson, Ariana Grande, Pharell Williams, Alicia Keys, Miley Cyrus, Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Hudson (who has also been on The Voice UK), John Legend, Nick Jonas and Camila Cabello.
Gwen Stefani hasn't been on the show for consecutive seasons but has appeared in seasons seven, nine, 12, 17, 19, and 22, with her only win happening during season 19. Stefani and Shelton met each other while working together on The Voice in 2014, and a romance between the two quickly flourished.
Stefani took the place of either Shakira or Usher in season seven and returned for season nine to take over Christina Aguilera's final season.
She also returned for season 11 in place of either Miley Cyrus or Alicia Keys, season 12 in place of Kelly Clarkson, season 19 in place of Nick Jonas, and season 22 in place of Ariana Grande.
John Legend took his place on The Voice during season 16 and has settled in to a more permanent coaching role. Legend was brought on to replace Jennifer Hudson on The Voice, who decided to leave the show to focus on the Cats movie and the Aretha Franklin biopic she stars in.
John Legend immediately did a fantastic job as a coach during his first season, with Maelyn Jarmon winning the show and honoring Legend with a win. This was an incredibly impressive win for both Legend and Jarmon, as she is deaf in one ear.
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Unfortunately, Legend and Stefani will not be present for the 23rd season of The Voice, as both have announced that they will be leaving after season 22 ends. Camila Cabello, who also joined Shelton, Stefani, and Legend for season 22, will not be returning for Shelton's final season.
This isn't Clarkson's first rodeo on The Voice, as she first appeared on the reality competition for its 14th season. Like Legend, Clarkson immediately won upon her first season as a coach, something she would be able to duplicate during season 15.
Clarkson continued her career on The Voice through its 21st season and absolutely killed the competition, winning seasons 17 and 21, an impressive feat considering Blake has many wins under his belt, and the two often competed for vocalists they wanted on their teams.
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Niall Horan of One Direction fame will also be joining the cast of coaches for The Voice as a new, fresh face on the show along with Chance the Rapper. Both have made a name for themselves in their respective scene, with Niall's music falling under soft rock, indie, pop, and folk styling, and Chance the Rapper representing R&B and alternative hip-hop.
While many viewers of The Voice threatened to stop watching the show when Shelton ultimately leaves, others are excited at the prospect of Kelly Clarkson returning to the show, as she was also a fan favorite before she took her one-season hiatus.
The addition of Niall Horan and Chance the Rapper will also open the show up to a broader range of not only viewers but vocal talent. Horan is no stranger to music competitions, as he and the other members of One Direction were discovered on The X Factor by none other than Simon Cowell.
Chance the Rapper's perspective is a unique one, as he made a name for himself with no label and was a completely independent artist, showing musicians the world over that they can pave their own way without the baking of a major label.
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