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Whether it's a singing competition, a home restoration show, a bunch of singles trying to find love, or something else entirely, sometimes, you just need a little reality television in your life. As EW continues to roll out our 2022 Fall TV Preview, we've got intel on eight of the reality shows we're most excited about watching this fall.
Throughout its 21 seasons on the air, The Voice has become a game of musical chairs … literally. With the exception of the charming, seemingly immovable Blake Shelton, the coaches are constantly changing on the NBC hit. And heading into season 22, we've got another new mix as Shelton is joined by John Legend, Gwen Stefani, and new coach Camila Cabello. Cabello, of course, is familiar with singing competitions as she first found fame as a member of Fifth Harmony on The X Factor. And now, she's ready to help others accomplish their dreams — and hopefully crush the other coaches on the way. "I'm so excited about joining The Voice and it's been so great to work with John, Blake, and Gwen this season," Cabello says. "I can't wait to see how the competition plays out, may the best team win!" —Samantha Highfill
Buon appetito! Hulu's new reality food competition series Best in Dough can best be described as "a bunch of people hanging around loving pizza," says host Wells Adams, who jokes that he gained 15 pounds while doing the show ("Anything for the work!" he says). The first of its kind, the series brings together pizza-obsessed competitors from all walks of life — everything from a group of Italian grandmothers to BBQ pitmasters to college students — to showcase their pizza slinging skills and battle it out for a cash prize. Adams is joined by head judge Chef Daniele Uditi of Pizzana fame, with Chef Millie Peartree, comedian and food influencer Eunji Kim, and baker Bryan Ford also serving as judges. A jury of "pizza peers" — a.k.a. normal people who just love pizza — also have a tie-breaking vote. This is because, ultimately, pizza is for everyone, Adams says, and he hopes that positive energy is apparent for viewers. "There's a lot of cooking shows that I feel like can be kind of mean-spirited, and this show is not like that," he explains. "There are winners and there are not-winners, but it's a very positive, fun pizza party and I hope that comes across." —Lauren Huff
The Amazing Race is about to cross a pretty big milestone during its 34th season, as the globe-trotting reality competition series hits the 400-episode mark, and the show has definitely given Phil Keoghan some serious frequent flier miles over his time as host. "I was starting to think about the amount of my life that I've spent overseas working on The Amazing Race," says Keoghan. "Just with the pit stops alone, more than a year of my life has been at some of the most magical places on the planet." And now the host can add The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to that list. "There's one scene that was set up that looks like something out of a movie," gushes Keoghan of one of the upcoming visits. "It involves a lot of big moving pieces and has very much a Lawrence of Arabia feel to it." The new cast has big personalities as well, including Big Brother stars Derek Xiao and Claire Rehfuss, as well as former NFL head coach Rex Ryan. "He definitely makes himself known," says Keoghan. "He's a type that we haven't had before, somebody who is really larger than life." Jets and Bills fans will certainly be watching to see if Rex can finally win the big one. —Dalton Ross
"One of the big themes from Paradise will be 'expect the unexpected,'" says Jesse Palmer of Bachelor in Paradise's upcoming 8th season. And no, he's not talking about a crossover with Big Brother. "There will be some unexpected cast members, and people who end up coupling up will surprise you," explains the host. Professional pot-stirrers Aaron Clancy (Bachelorette 17; BiP 7) and Shanae Ankney (Bachelor 26) will hit the beach this season, as will telegenic nice guy James Bonsall (Bachelorette 17; BiP 7) and straight-talking glitter queen Sierra Jackson. (See the initial cast here.) While Palmer won't comment specifically on rumors of a Casa Amor-style twist (a la Love Island), he does promise some "unique and interesting" format tweaks this season. More importantly, Jesse, what's your opening credits gimmick going to be? "We shot a couple different versions," he teases. "There's one that I'm hoping they use, and it was only possible to shoot it once or you might die." Our guess: It involves crabs. — Kristen Baldwin
The love boat soon will be making another run. In the 1970s and 1980s, stars from yesteryear set sail on the MS Pacific Princess for adventure, comedic hijinks, the occasional musical number, and, of course, love. Now, Jerry O'Connell and Rebecca Romijn are stewarding The Real Love Boat, taking a luxury cruise ship full of singles to sail the Mediterranean on a quest for romance. We've got destination dates, challenges, and surprise singles who will test the couples' compatibility and chemistry. After nearly one month at sea, one winning couple will dock in the final port to take home a cash prize plus a once-in-a-lifetime trip courtesy of Princess Cruises. "These days, these kids just talk through swiping and texting," O'Connell says of the show's raison d'etre. "People have forgotten how to go up and talk to people. And The Real Love Boat is about walking up to people and introducing yourself and finding a connection that way."
While we'll get to see some familiar friendly faces from the OG series, this new iteration will also feature a ship-shape crew working to make the mating waters a bit less choppy for the would-be paramours. "Just like on the original with the captain, the bartender and the cruise director, we have Captain Paolo, Cruise Director Matt, and Bartender Ezra who are there to give advice to our singles and to guide them," Romijn adds. —Lester Brathwaite
Let the suspicion, deceit, and betrayal begin! (Again!) After almost 15 years off the air, The Mole has unexpectedly resurfaced. In this social deduction competition, now hosted by MSNBC's Alex Wagner, a team of contestants is fighting to win as much money as possible… but one player is secretly out to mislead the others and hinder the team's progress. "When the original Mole was on, it was pre-social media," executive producer Chris Culvenor says. "And that's why I think the show is more powerful now than it was all those years ago. Now, trying to guess who the Mole is isn't just a conversation you have with your friends, but it's a conversation the entire world can have at once." So, can fans expect to see more of The Mole's trademark bombastic and outlandish challenges? "I'll say this," Culvenor teases, "the inspiration for our challenges this season is popular action and thriller movies, especially caper films. Think Oceans 11 and Mission: Impossible. Think breaking into a bank, escaping a prison, or saving yourself from a deserted island." Trust us, we're already taking notes. —Keith Langston
Demo Day is just around the corner, because Chip and Joanna Gaines are back! And this time, they're taking the idea of a fixer upper to a whole new level as they set out to restore a castle that was built in 1890 in their hometown of Waco. "This place is one-of-a-kind — bigger and more intricate than any other fixer upper Jo and I have tackled in the past," Chip Gaines tells EW. "We're talking over 6,000 square feet and about 130 years worth of history. With that comes a lot of excitement, but also a lot of research, decision, and hard work." Joanna Gaines adds, "Taking on the castle is the best (and biggest) representation of the kind of work that fuels us — taking something with so much history and beauty and giving it a new story." After a lot of thought, the couple decided to turn the castle back into a family home. Now, the question is: Does shiplap look good in a castle? —Samantha Highfill
When Love Is Blind premiered in February 2020, the unorthodox reality dating show that introduced the idea of dating without seeing your partner was the perfect distraction for millions of Netflix subscribers who were stuck inside. But when discussing the couples on the new season, creator and producer Chris Coelen says that authenticity is what separates this dating show from others. "They're just real," Coelen says. "The couples are incredibly fun, entertaining, compelling, dramatic, emotional­ — all of the adjectives. There's layers to these stories that are so incredibly rewarding to dig into." As for the future of the show, it's already been renewed for two more seasons ahead of its season 3 premiere. "As long as we get people who are interested in finding love in this really intense and unconventional way," Coelen says. "And as long as people are willing to share their authentic stories, I think this is a show that could last beyond anything I could ever imagine." —Calie Schepp
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