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San Diego Comic-Con's Marvel Animation Panel was chock-full of exciting announcements and reveals, including a release window for Season 2 of Marvel Studios' What If…?
The sophomore season of Marvel Studios' first animated series is set to arrive in 2023. Fans in attendance were treated to a trailer along with a sneak peek of the first epsiode. Unfortunately, neither have yet to be released online, but highlights from the event have revealed some of the scenerios we can look forward to. Some of the scenes show include Steve Rodgers as the Winter Soldier, Captain Carter battling the HYDRA Stomper, Iron Man stuck on Sakaar, and more.
Just announced at #SDCC2022:

Marvel Studios’ What If…? Season 2, an Original series, streaming early 2023 on @DisneyPlus. pic.twitter.com/zbqClqfrfJ
What If…? premiered on Disney+ in August 2021 and ran for a total of nine episodes. Narrated by The Watcher (voiced by Jeffrey Wright), the first season treated fans to a number of reimagined events across the multiverse. Among the infinite possibilites were stories of Peggy Carter as Captain Carter, the first Avenger; T'Challa as Star-Lord, leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy; and a zombie outbreak that wiped out half the Avengers (which has since been spun off into its own animated show Marvel Zombies).
It was also confirmed during the panel that the Captain Carter we saw in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was not the Variant from the What If…? animated series.
As there are infinite possibilities and stories to tell, you'll be happy to learn that What If…? will return for Season 3. Obviously we're still a far way from that, but we can look forward to Season 2 debuting next year on Disney+.
Marvel Studios Animation Panel also featured exciting news about X-Men '97, which will debut in Fall 2023. This has also already been approved for a second season. We also got a first trailer for Marvel's I Am Groot, an animated series of shorts focused on the misadventures of everyone's favorite sentient tree. Lastly, Spider-Man: Freshman Year, an animated that follows Peter Parker on his way to becomign Spider-Man, is coming in 2024.
Meanwhile, Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur had its own panel in which we learned about the star-studded guest cast and got a first-look at a clip from the animated series.
Which animated Marvel project are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below!
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