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Their conquest of America continues unabated. Following performances on top chatshows Ellen and The Tonight Show and at the American Music Awards, Måneskin have made their U.S. talent show debut. The Eurovision 2021 winners were guests on the 29 November episode of NBC’s The Voice.
“Multi-platinum, global rockstars who earlier this year won the Eurovision Song Contest representing Italy” — that’s how The Voice host Carson Daly introduced Damiano, Victoria, Ethan and Thomas to millions of Americans watching at home. He then gave the stage to Måneskin who delivered a cracking medley of their monster hit “Beggin’” and their latest single “Mammamia”. The inclusion of the latter track left fans overjoyed, as many were fearing that the quartet’s Four Seasons’ cover was becoming overexposed to the detriment of their original material.
After suiting up for the AMAs, most of the band returned to their usual glam rock aesthetic. However, frontman Damiano continued to keep things fresh by wearing a low-cut wrestling-style singlet. The audience lapped everything up, as did the panel of superstar coaches — Blake Shelton, John Legend, Kelly Clarkson and Ariana Grande. The entire panel gave the “Zitti E Buoni” hitmakers a standing ovation as the crowd clapped and cheered. “Great to have some rock and roll here” said Carson, before giving a little plug for The American Song Contest. The Eurovision spin-off is set to start airing on NBC in February.

Måneskin’s success with “Beggin’” started quite some time ago. The band first performed the song in 2017 while they were competing on the eleventh season of X Factor Italia. They never released it as a single, but it managed to hit #39 on the Italian Singles Chart anyway and a year later FIMI certified it as a gold record.
Following Eurovision, the song found new life on TikTok, which helped push it up the charts elsewhere. In July the cover hit number 1 on the Spotify Global charts.
Beggin’ has spent 21 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 in the US and is currently in spot 16 — having peaked at 13.
Its success in the United States may stem partly from the fact it has American roots. “Beggin’” was popularised in 1967 by the American Franki Valli and his band The Four Seasons. The song was subsequently reworked by the likes of  French DJ Pilooski and Norwegian hip-hop group Madcon. Musical theatre buffs may recognise the song from the Broadway musical Jersey Boys, which is about the Four Seasons.
Their original songs have yet to crack the Billboard Hot 100. But that doesn’t mean no one is listening. Just ahead of their The Voice appearance, the band revealed that “I WANNA BE YOUR SLAVE” had been certified gold in the U.S.

? I WANNA BE YOUR SLAVE is now certified GOLD in the US!!

500k copies, this is amazing ? thxxx ??
What did you think of Måneskin’s performance? Were you happy they sang “Mammamia”? Let us know in the comments.
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After reading the comments I had to see what he was wearing. But really? This is what you people get upset by? Based on what I read I thought he was on stage with only a sock covering his parts but he even has shorts. You people haven’t seen thighs and nipples before?
Lots of Americans (hopefully not all) are really bigots. I only say that.
Pretty ridiculous of you to assume that most of these comments are from Americans when you can see what Europeans say about ESC contestants every single year.
I thought it was customary for the coaches to give standing ovation to guest performers… I guess sex sells and they always knew that but seems like that’s their main focus these days. Set your thirst aside and tell me they looked good and cohesive on the stage. Singlet really? Were all the jockstraps taken already? If it was at least sequined it wouldn’t have been so jarring… I know this comment is gonna sound prude but I actually have no issue with the amount of fabric Damiano was wearing, just the laziness and the taste factor of it. If… Read more »
They could be singing absolutely anything. Nothing matters when there’s a wrestling singlet!!
I have watched the voice for years, and I can say for sure this group was a total disgrace to the stage of the voice!!! Fist of all I thought this was a family show, but I guess not any more. My husband and I were both totally shocked and upset with what we saw!! So much good music and artist out there and you choose to show this embarrassing group on your stage!! I can’t believe anyone would want there children to watch that!! Horrible , terrible, not even music in our opinion!!
Honest fan, go spread your bigotry somewhere else, not on Eurovision site. You are the shame of Eurovision fans. Do your children watch wrestling on TV? The are in panties and half naked. Do they practice greco/roman fight at the gym or at school? They are wearing the same singlet as Damiano. So, what’s the problem? Did you see a couple of male nipples and a crotch (not that revealing, there wasn’t a big genitalia shape to trouble your husband self esteem) and you were shocked? I’m happy I don’t live in the USA if the majority of people thinks… Read more »
I think this person is not real, just ignore them and wait for them to go away.
Yeah. But, well, if you go on the FB page of The Voice there are a lot of comments like this one. So bigotry is well spread.
I’m very happy for them, because they really deserve it! All this little path they’ve taken from the streets, through the blind people who have prevented them from making the music they want, all the prejudice and discrimination to be where they are now, it’s great.
p.s. and I also smile all the time from haters, Maneskin knows how to provoke their anger, just by being confident!
Their success in the US is due to their filling a void in the American music scene which has been missing for years, a rock type group which is as visually exciting as they are musically. They are very television friendly. I don’t think they’ll remain hot unless they expand their repertoire of english songs.
Damiano’s got some thighs! 😛 Please keep showing them off, haha…
More seriously: so happy for them in particular, but also for the contest which has never had such a global resonance. Still on The Voice this year, Hailey Mia sang Arcade in the knockout round.
The phrase “standing ovations from Kelly Clarkson and Ariana Grande” is a trip. Who saw that as a possibility for a Eurovision contestant earlier this year?
This might be the first, bare minimum promotion NBC and the EBU have done for the American Song Contest. They’ll need to step it up majorly if they want viewers from anyone who isn’t already into Eurovision.
The EBU should not be worrying about the American contest. They have very little to do with it, if anything. It’s NBC’s job to tell the American people about it.
have they done it though? i dont think they are promoting the show at all….
That’s because it doesn’t start for another three months.
Well, America is the land of short attention span. They haven’t really ramped up the ads for the winter Olympics, which is in February and precedes the ASC. I’m sure any unsold ad slots during the Olympics broadcasts, which is shown on NBC in America, will have commercials for the ASC.

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