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A new trailer for the second season of Vinland Saga has been released, with the series expected to come out during the winter 2023 season.
The scheduled release date for the historically-rich anime Vinland Saga has been announced on Twitter & YouTube, confirming fans' hope of the epic series getting an enjoyable sequel. Besides the exciting news featuring the season’s release date, reports also feature the prospective season’s eye-catching preview trailer, animation studio, & a striking poster.
Wit Studio handled the first season of Vinland Saga; however, reports now confirm that the new season will be pioneered by MAPPA, an equally popular studio in the anime industry. The studio change also starred new developments in the staff running the anime’s adaptation.
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Vinland Saga has been slated for a release sometime in January 2023. Consequently, fans can bookmark the date and look forward to the continuation of the adventure-based seinen series. The studio's change will not affect critical parts of the show as the cast members also include individuals that played key roles in the first season. The old staff involved in Vinland Saga's incoming sequel includes the director, Shuhei Yabuta, Yusuke Takeda acting as the art director, Koji Seko, the series composer, and Yuki Kawashita directing photography-related tasks. Furthermore, Abiru Takahiro, Satoshi Hashimoto & Yutaka Hamada will serve as character designer, color designer & music composer, respectively.
Apart from the notable members of the returning staff, reports also depict the new Voice Actors that will play a crucial role in the Vinland Saga II. They include:
Vinland Saga’s first season debuted in 2019 with about 24 episodes, and it attracted large viewership due to the story's compelling themes. The anime is based on Makoto Yukimura’s manga series, featuring Thorfinn, who sought revenge for his father's death by trying to kill Askeladd – his father’s murderer. At the end of the first season, Thorfinn's plan to kill Askeladd fell through as the Viking died through another means. This led most anime-only fans to wonder what the next season's story would feature. Thankfully, Vinland Saga II trailer hinted at some of the key things to expect. Most likely, the season will be based on character developments as opposed to the battle-filled nature of the first season.
In the trailer, fans can deduce a depressed or empty adult Thorfinn, lacking a clear objective. While Askeladd may have played a crucial factor in this development, there might have been further developments fans are not aware of yet. This mystery will be unveiled starting from January 2023. News also suggests that the anime will be available for streaming/downloading on Crunchyroll, HIDIVE & Netflix in specific regions. Although the specific day the show will premiere in January hasn’t been announced, anime fans can bank on the fact that January 2023 is an assured date.
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Source: Anime News Network
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