Utah mother and children suffer serious injuries injuries in t-bone crash in Las Vegas – KSLTV

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LAS VEGAS — A Utah family is on a long road to recovery after a terrible car crash in Las Vegas. The mother and two children are still in the hospital.
“My sister’s condition is very serious,” said Rashelle Boucha. “We had confirmed by an MRI yesterday that she has sustained brain damage.”
Boucha said her sister, Autumn Carver, and her five children were on their way to Disneyland when the accident happened Sunday in Las Vegas. The family is from Spanish Fork.
Carver, 40, and four of her children were traveling in a minivan that was hit in a high-impact, t-bone collision, Boucha said. The oldest daughter was riding in a different car.
“I know that my sister, it took them over 20 minutes to cut her out of the vehicle,” Boucha said.
Carver and two of her sons, an 11-year old and a 4-year-old, were injured and are still in the hospital.
Carver is suffering from a skull fracture, broken ribs and bruised lungs. The family says she has brain damage and that her recovery will be a long one.
Boucha said her sister is normally the one who takes care of everyone around her but now needs that same support.
“She’s truly incredible and so I just know from what I’ve seen so far that the amount of support and love that is going to be pouring Autumn’s way is just immense,” Boucha said. “There’s so many people who would love to give back to Autumn.”
The other three children are back in Utah and are staying with their family.
There is a GoFundMe* set up for the family, and they say they are grateful for any donations.
“It’s a terrible time, but it’s a time when Autumn gets to see how many people truly love her,” Boucha said.
Boucha explained that Carver’s children had earned money to go to Disneyland and they were just three minutes from their destination for the night in Las Vegas when their van was hit.
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