U.K. alternative pop artist Sicky releases new single "The Bridge" – MP3s and NPCs

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Photo credit: Helen Marshall
U.K. alternative pop artist Sicky dropped their new single “The Bridge” yesterday.
Sicky said this about the new single, which was recorded earlier this year:
“The Bridge is a song of few words, but underneath, they have huge meaning. Inspired by someone close to me, who had the sheer guts and determination to take on a darkness and set things straight. On the musical side of things, it was inspired by frequenting a Northern Soul night that happens once a month in my local town (called ‘Motown in Lowtown’ – I kid you not).
Those classic tunes tend to stay with you on the drunken walk home and beyond…. As a kid I used to wade through my older brothers box of northern delights (he would have killed me had he known) Those records became ingrained and still sound cool today.”
“The Bridge” is the opening track from Sicky’s forthcoming studio album Garbage Town, which will be unveiled on November 18. The artist said this about their new record:
“Garbage Town is not a place – it’s a state of mind. The lyrics talk of breaking free and leaving all the bad stuff in your head behind. Feels like all roads have led to this album. I play and record/produce everything myself so I’m a bit like a decathlete… Quite good at a couple of things and pretty average at the rest. Hopefully it sounds like in your face dirty pop.”
Pre-orders for Garbage Town, which follows Sicky’s 2021 studio album Bowling Balls, can be made here. “The Bridge” is on digital services right now.


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