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Gundam models, or Gunpla models as they are known in Japan, are model kits that depict the vehicles and robots in the highly popular “Mobile Suit Gundam” anime series. These models can be as big as a bookshelf if you’re patient enough to build one.
However, fully assembling a model can be difficult, even for veteran Gundam model builders. 
As such, here are some tips if you wish to try building one for yourself.
Beginners such as yourself already have a model in mind to build due to its popularity, coolness, or its appearance in the anime. However, this is usually a discouraging trap for newcomers to the Gundam model building scene, as some of these popular models could be bigger or more complex than expected, dissuading beginners at square one.
According to RightStuf, beginners are advised to start their Gundam model-building journey at models under the 1/144 scale with a “High” grade.
This scale and grade are the best for beginners as it is small and simple enough for them to do.
Building a Gundam model is all about putting various pieces together. To do so, you’ll need a set of tools to help you cut them off from their sheets and put them together. Having a toolkit helps you with that. 
Unfortunately, toolkits, or more specifically, professional toolkits made especially for Gundam model building, are not included with the models they will be building. As such, buying a whole set could be a budget breaker for some. 
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As such, try finding tools at home that can serve as substitutes until you have the money needed to buy a professional one if you still choose to get it. 
Thankfully, using household tools like box cutters, tweezers, nail files, and a side cutter is sufficient enough to be used for assembling Gundam models.
Using glue when building Gundam models can be tempting as it can provide permanent stability and strength to keep parts from falling apart. 
However, doing so could negatively impact a Gundam’s joints and other movable parts from moving as they were intended. Nerdbot mentioned in its article that no glue is needed when assembling a Gundam model. 
However, if you really want to use glue, avoid putting it near joints and other movable parts.
Having a broken or missing piece can greatly impact a Gundam model builder, regardless if they are a beginner or a veteran. It could delay or even halt the assembling process until it can be fixed or replaced. 
To expedite the process, you should research where to get replacement parts to save you some time, per Back 2 Gaming
You can either buy replacement parts from the official Bandai store in Japan or a third-party seller, such as Mecha Parts Buy.
Building a Gundam model is a tedious process, but it is rewarding if you keep at it. Remember why you’re trying to assemble the model you bought, and you’ll see slow and steady progress. 
Successfully assembling a Gundam’s head, foot, or even one of its accessories can provide a sense of pride and accomplishment to get you going until you’ve built your first Gundam model. 
As such, try to have fun when building your first Gundam model – it’s worth the effort if you keep at it.
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