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Most of these incredibly cute My Hero Academia characters can still pack a powerful punch when they need to.
When it comes to character designs in shonen anime, there tends to be more of a focus on making characters appear cool and powerful more than anything else when it comes to heroes. However, this isn't always the case, and My Hero Academia strikes a fine balance between the stereotypical power-fantasy designs that shonen anime is typically known for, and softer, cuter designs that draw in those who might not be enamored with the standard shonen flair.
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It isn't just heroes in the My Hero Academia universe who are given this treatment, either, as there are family members and even villains who are given some of the cutest designs in the series. Don't be fooled by their appearances, though, as most of these incredibly cute characters can still pack a powerful punch when they need to.
Some members of My Hero Academia's society have quirks that imbue them with animal-like appearances and matching powers. Tsuyu Asui is one such character, and her Frog Quirk gives her incredibly enlarged eyes, as well as an extra-long tongue.
While Tsuyu might not be the standard definition of cute, her unique, froglike charm has captured the hearts of many viewers. On top of her uniquely cute appearance, Tsuyu is an ever-calm and reliable older-sister figure who keeps others calm in even the direst situations.
When Izuku is still a quirkless child, Inko doesn't support him in the way he needs. She apologizes for Izuku having been born quirkless, rather than telling him that he'd still be able to become a hero — the latter being words that he desperately needed to hear at the time.
Inko grows to regret her inability to support Izuku at the time and does whatever she can to be there for her son going forward. Despite her being incredibly worried about his safety, Inko would still allow Izuku to remain at U.A. to continue his hero studies, sewing up his costumes and telling him how proud she is of him, and her newfound supportive attitude is adorable.
Fans were quickly taken with Melissa Shield after her introduction in the My Hero Academia: Two Heroes movie. Despite being quirkless, Melissa doesn't allow her dreams to be crushed — switching to more of a supportive role rather than attempting to become a hero herself.
Similar to Mei Hatsume, Melissa chooses to support heroes by creating inventions that can boost their natural abilities. Her ever-optimistic, intelligent personality combines with her round face and cute appearance to create a truly unforgettable supporting character.
It isn't often that a villain manages to strike a fine balance between creepy and cute, but Himiko Toga pulls this off perfectly. Aside from her unkept hair and dark undereye circles, her outward appearance is no different from a typical schoolgirl, and she often plays into this "cute and innocent" persona.
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In reality, Himiko is a bloodthirsty individual who wants to be like those she loves — and for her, this means killing them or taking their blood and genuinely taking over their form. Although her powers are downright terrifying, she still manages to come across as an incredibly cute character to many fans.
Sirius is a Pro Hero working as a sidekick under Captain Selkie, and she's introduced during Tsuyu's internship. Her quirk gives her large, fin-like ears that add to her appeal, helping to make Sirius' appearance more memorable than she otherwise would be.
Sirius has a sweet, friendly personality on top of this, but the cutest part about Sirius is her tendency to become flustered. Captain Selkie is a spotted seal who, despite his macho appearance, often tries to act cute — and almost every time, Sirius ends up flustered and embarrassed as a result, which is even cuter.
When most people think about protagonists in shonen anime, it's easy to think of incredibly tough, muscular-looking heroes like Goku. It isn't often that the protagonist of a shonen anime manages to come across as cute, but Izuku pulls this off with ease.
Izuku's wide eyes, messy hair, and freckles give him an adorable charm that remains even after he starts bulking up a bit in later seasons. In addition to this, he's got a true heart of gold — and even when he tries to become cold and distant, his friends are able to snap him back to his true, pure-hearted self.
Pony Tsunotori from Class 1-B is a foreigner from the United States. She knows basic Japanese, but she still doesn't have a terrific grasp of the language, which allows those like Neito to take advantage of her naivete — teaching her offensive Japanese phrases that she then taunts opponents with, unaware of their true nature.
Due to having a pony-like quirk, Pony is fitted with horns, incredibly large, round eyes, and a short tail. She also brings a love of manga and anime with her to the dorms, introducing the rest of Class 1-B to the medium, and instantly making her more relatable to viewers.
The introduction of My Hero Academia's Big Three brought three new fan-favorite characters into the series, with Nejire being the cutest among them by far. She's a free-spirited and highly curious individual who becomes intrigued by others' unique physical attributes, meaning she often doesn't have a great sense of personal space.
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Nejire can come across as blunt, but this is only due to her natural curiosity, and her childlike excitement quickly warms others up to her. On top of all of this, she possesses the level-headed mind and strong heart required to make an excellent hero.
Right off the bat, it's hard not to undoubtedly consider Ochaco one of the cutest characters in all of My Hero Academia. As if her wide eyes and rosy cheeks weren't enough to cement her cute status, she's got a heart of gold, just like Izuku.
Ochaco's driving force to become a successful Pro Hero is the desire to give her parents an easy life, as they've struggled financially for as long as Ochaco has known. Even so, she was willing to risk forfeiting her acceptance into U.A. to ensure Izuku was given enough points to pass, further showcasing her selfless nature.
Eri is, without a doubt, one of the most tragic My Hero Academia characters. After accidentally awakening her quirk and using it on her father, and being subsequently abandoned by her mother, Eri is left to the cruel care of Overhaul. Even after being rescued, it's initially hard for her to become comfortable and adapt to everyday life.
With the support of Izuku, Nejire, and many others from U.A., Eri is successfully able to leave her dark past behind her. She's now someone who can smile brightly and face the future with hopeful optimism, and it's hard not to crack a smile anytime she's on screen.
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