Tiny IPO Spikes 1150% in US Debut in Wake of AMTD Digital – Bloomberg

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I Love Wine transports you to the best winemaking regions of the world, where the people behind the grapes explain how the culture and the landscape have shaped their product.
IEA Sees Russia Oil Output Nosediving in 2023 on Lack of Markets
Gupta’s Liberty Nears Debt Deal With Credit Suisse, Greensill
Finnish Economy Contracts as Inflation, Borrowing Costs Weigh
UK Labor Market Feeds Inflation Pressure With Jump in Wages
Stagnant French Jobless Rate Tests Macron Employment Goal
Ex-Dodger Puig to Plead Guilty to Lying About Gambling
The Wrong Americans Are Buying Electric Cars
Ant Consumer Unit Raises $1.5 Billion From Sunny Optical, Yuyue
Google, Apple Rivals to Launch Ad Campaign for Bill Against Big Tech
Samsung Customers Seek Chip ‘Second Source’ on Geopolitical Risk
Australia PM Hails Xi Meeting as Step Toward Stabilizing Ties
Xi Tells Dutch PM to Avoid Decoupling Amid US Pressure on Chips
Druckenmiller Reloads on Amazon as Family Offices Weather Tumult
The Waltons: World’s Richest Family Trims Exposure to Emerging Markets
Grammy Nominations to Be Announced, With 5 New Categories
Cruise Ships to Return to Japan for First Time Since Early Covid
Is the Electric Scooter Apocalypse Finally Upon Us?
British Families Are Already Being Hit by Stealth Taxes
Leave Africa’s Carbon Emissions Alone
How Apple Stores Went From Geek Paradise to Union Front Line
A Sports Bar Builds a Loyal Clientele Showing Only Women’s Events
The Golden Era of AI Chess Makes Things Tricky for Players
Texas Attorney General Shielded From Testifying in Abortion Case
Senate to Begin Debate This Week on Bill to Protect Same-Sex Marriage
EU Will Increase Target for Carbon Cuts by 2030, Timmermans Says
The Wrong Americans Are Buying Electric Cars
European Tech Giant’s Expansion Stirs Opposition in Its Hometown
NYC Will Pay at Least $600 Million to Give Migrants Shelter and Schooling
Low-Income Apartments That Set a High Standard for Energy Efficiency
Binance to Submit Evidence On FTX Deal, FTT Transactions
Bitcoin Extends Gains as Investors Await Recovery Fund Details
World’s Biggest Crypto Fund Hits Record 42% Discount to Value of Bitcoin It Holds


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