The Voice Kids Malta Incoming? Rumours Spread Over International Music Show Landing Very Soon – Lovin Malta

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By Johnathan Cilia

Is a Maltese version of The Voice Kids about to launch?
For weeks now, music industry insiders have been wondering if a Maltese edition of the international music competition was soon to be announced after a number of indications appeared both online and IRL. 
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Firstly, the Chamber of Commerce’s annual magazine featured a double page spread on a number of shows produced by greatt, the company behind X Factor Malta, Malta’s Got Talent and Shark Tank Malta. In this ad, The Voice’s logo appeared near the other shows logos.
After this, Maltese singer Michela’s song Chameleon was covered by a contestant on The Voice Kids in Belgium, furthering strengthening the link between the island and the show.
Now, the social media pages for The Voice Malta have quietly appeared for a local iteration of the show.
“The Voice Kids is a version of The Voice TV series franchise in which children participate. Produced by greatt company limited, this format will give the perfect platform for children to shine and kickstart their career,” the show’s Facebook page says.
Lovin Malta had speculated back in March that a local edition of the popular show would be appearing following the Chameleon cover.
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While it hasn’t been officially confirmed by the producers yet, it seems like an announcement is set to hit the island imminently.
So any young Maltese singers looking for the next big stage of their career – it looks like a whole new avenue may be appearing soon enough.
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