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The fact that Rihanna is said to no longer share ties to either Jennifer or Drake is quite interesting nonetheless.
Stars Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez used to be close friends, which fans know because RiRi once sent J.Lo a pair of Manolo Blahnik boots, which she ended up wearing in her music video for “Ain’t Your Mama,” released in April 2016.
During this time, it was no secret that Rihanna had been seeing Drake once again. The pair, who have shared an on-again, off-again relationship since 2009, decided to give their romance another shot at the start of 2016 — around the same time the “Umbrella” hitmaker had dropped her eighth album Anti.
But by October of that year, things had fallen flat between the two, with sources saying that Drizzy and Rihanna’s relationship ended on bad terms. A few weeks later and fans see Jennifer cuddling up to the Canadian hitmaker on Instagram, prompting her fellow R&B singer to unfollow her on Instagram. But what really happened?
To be fair, Drake and Rihanna have broken up and gotten back together on so many occasions that nobody was surprised to hear the two had parted ways yet again in October 2016.
The pair had collaborated on a handful of songs that year, including “Work” and “Too Good,” while also traveling to London to perform at the BRITs, where the raunchy dance moves during their performance had left very little to one’s imagination.
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Needless to say, however, Rihanna and Drake were back together and things appeared to be going well for the most part.
A source told E! News that the two decided to split because they were both ready to move on and felt as if the relationship had run its course.
Us Weekly’s insider claimed that the romance fell apart because Rihanna “doesn’t want to be held down,” while Hollywood Life insinuated that infidelity is what really tore the pair apart.
And while we’re not 100 percent sure what drove these former lovebirds to break up, the fact that they reportedly haven’t been on good terms since going their separate ways seems to allude to the idea that cheating may have been the cause of their split after all.
Whatever the case may be, in December 2016, Jennifer Lopez posted a photo of herself cozying up with Drake in a doting Instagram photo — and, of course, it didn’t take long for the snap to go viral and eventually be seen by Rihanna.
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The latter wasted no time to make her reaction known by unfollowing Jennifer on Instagram without any explanation or reason. Eagle-eyed fans noted that the “Same Old Mistakes” singer didn’t press the unfollow button on J. Lo until the photo of her and Drake was posted on social media, which implied that she had been blindsided by the pair’s relationship.
Soon after it was confirmed that Jennifer and Drake were dating, In Touch reported in January 2017, “Rihanna and Jennifer used to be good friends. She’s even confided in J.Lo about her rocky relationship with Drake over the years. Rihanna is very hurt.”
“[Rihanna] is really freaked out about Jennifer, especially because they’re friends,” another source told Hollywood Life. “She thinks of Jennifer as a mentor, so the fact that they’re now Eskimo sisters is pretty overwhelming.”
Since then, Rihanna has made no mention of Jennifer on social media or in public, which is strange because a simple Google search will pull up tons of publications where the “Shut Up And Lie” songstress has openly praised J. Lo for her business-savvy skills and being part of RiRi’s circle of friends.
The fact that Rihanna is said to no longer share ties to either Jennifer or Drake is quite interesting nonetheless.
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But the 33-year-old wasn’t too hurt because just months after splitting with her ex-boyfriend was she coupled up with Arab billionaire Hassan Jameel.
“I’m actually in an exclusive relationship for quite some time, and it’s going really well, so I’m happy,” she told Vogue back in 2017.
After just over three years together, however, the two decided to split in January 2020, shortly before Rihanna would reconcile with her former flame Asap Rocky, whom she has been seeing ever since.
While neither one of them has confirmed or denied reports that they are dating again, they’ve been spotted out and about all over the world in recent months, including their recent getaway trip to Barbados in December 2020.
The kiss Asap Rocky planted on Rihanna’s lips during an outing on the tropical island confirmed what fans had known all along, but it seems as if taking a quiet approach when it comes to her dating life has become more of RiRi’s thing, and we don’t blame her one bit.
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