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By Jimmy Briggs For Daily Mail Australia


Eagle-eyed viewers have noticed the outfits on The Masked Singer Australia have been recycled for the last three episodes.
Fans took to social media on Wednesday to point out that host Osher Günsberg and judges Abbie Chatfield, Dave Hughes, Mel B and Chrissie Swan each wore the same clothes for every episode this week.
This prompted some to jokingly suggest the zany reality series might be experiencing ‘budget cuts’, but others suggested a more logical explanation. 
Eagle-eyed viewers have noticed the outfits on The Masked Singer Australia have been recycled for the last three episodes. (Pictured: host Osher Günsberg in the eye-catching suit he has worn all week on the show)
One fan speculated that all of this week’s episodes were filmed during a single taping, tweeting: ‘They must’ve done some long recording days since they’re in the same outfits again.’
But another viewer said more effort should have been made to maintain the illusion of a break between episodes.
‘You’d think even though all this week’s shows were recorded on one day, there would be a wardrobe change for each show to continue the illusion. But no!’ they said.
Fans took to social media on Wednesday to point out that judges Mel B (left) Abbie Chatfield (second from left), Dave Hughes (second from right) and Chrissie Swan (right) each wore the same clothes for every episode this week
It comes after an insider shared behind-the-scenes details about the show this week.
With the program’s surprise element coming from the big reveals, producers go to extreme lengths to keep the contestants’ identities under wraps.
This year’s season was filmed over three weeks at Fox Studios in Sydney, the same studio where The Voice Australia is also recorded.
Abbie Chatfield has worn the same silver jumpsuit for three consecutive episodes this week
Viewers noticed Mel B sported the same fiery dress across multiple episodes this week
When on set, all of the contestants had to keep their identity a secret and wear an all-black ensemble with a yellow visor and not speak when in costume.
Each of the performances was mimed after professionally recording the music with vocal coach Gary Pinto in a studio.
The celebrities taking part signed strict contracts beforehand forcing them to promise not to reveal their involvement, even to their own families.
International stars being flown from overseas were given strict instructions to not say they were in Australia on social media and avoid going to any hotspots where they could be noticed by fans or paparazzi.
U.S. soap star Tori Spelling (pictured) was unmasked as The Poodle on Wednesday’s episode
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