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The Marvels promises to show much more of Goose and her kind. But in doing so, the film could adapt one of Carol’s silliest adventures.
Not much has been revealed in terms of the plot for the Marvel Cinematic Universe's upcoming space epic, The Marvels. That said, what has been confirmed is that this will see the likes of Captain Marvel, Monica Rambeau and Ms. Marvel join forces to combat a brand-new threat. But even more engaging will be how these three distinct personalities will somehow pull together to become a fighting force more powerful than anything seen before. Of course, theatrics aside, it's also been confirmed that another classic side character from Captain Marvel would also appear — Goose.
In the comics, Goose was a cat that went by the name of Chewie. In reality, the animal was an alien species known as Flerken, potentially one of the most dangerous species in the galaxy. Nevertheless, this never stopped Carol from keeping her as a pet. Ms. Marvel actor Iman Vellani also revealed that The Marvels would feature even more Flerken than ever before. But even though this is a fun surprise on the surface, it could promise an allusion to one of Carol's craziest adventures.
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Initially told in the pages of Captain Marvel #7-8 by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Marcio Takara, the arc followed Carol and Rocket Raccoon as they encountered an alien threat deep in space. Throughout the story, Carol's cat, Chewie, exhibited signs of being a Flerken that only Rocket could recognize. But even though Carol was in denial, Rocket knew the truth and did his best to keep Chewie safe. However, her presence eventually got out in the galaxy and called upon a massive ship that hoped to capture the animal. But Chewie had just given birth to dozens of eggs.
The short but action-packed arc saw Carol protecting Chewie and the kittens while Rocket explained how dangerous a Flerken could be and how their bodies acted as gateways to pocket dimensions. In the end, the unlikely heroes saved Chewie and her children, and Carol lived on learning that the galaxy still had secrets left for her to uncover. While this story is unlikely to get told in its entirety in The Marvels, there are enough elements to adapt an interesting retelling as a side story.
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When Goose was last shown in the MCU, she was still in S.H.I.E.L.D. custody with Nick Fury and had been showing throwing up the Tesseract. Since then, Goose has not appeared anywhere. Assuming that a Flerken lifespan is considerably longer than a cat's, Carol could've reclaimed Goose following her victory in Avengers: Endgame. Then, able to travel the galaxy together, she would get reacquainted with her furry friend. But the moment she switched places with Ms. Marvel, things could take a more hectic turn.
Now stuck in a foreign environment with no one but a creature resembling a cat, Kamala would have to figure things out and even try to bring Carol and Maria to her location. But Goose may have been pregnant and given birth to children unbeknownst to anyone. In the end, there would have to be a fun but character-driven side plot where the heroes would have to relocate the new litter so that they can stop whatever threat they face. It's hard to say what may be next for Goose, but there's no doubt it'll be exciting.
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