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Mob Psycho 100 features some extremely strong characters among Mob and the other espers on the show. Here are the strongest, ranked!
Mob Psycho 100 introduced viewers to a world where evil spirits exist, as well as espers with the telekinetic abilities to stop them from wreaking havoc on the humans living there.
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Admittedly, most of the espers have limited abilities, to begin with.  The rest of the characters rarely reach the heights that the protagonist, Shigeo “Mob” Kageyama, does — especially when he reaches 100 percent or more on his power meter. However, when Mob does meet his match, it led to some pretty epic moments in the series. Even if Mob is the strongest character, however, there are others that challenge his abilities and are fairly strong on their own.
Updated On October 19th, 2021 By Claris Lam: This article has been updated to correct some minor errors and out of date information from the original version. 
Dimple is far more powerful when fans first meet him, but Mob nearly exorcises him and drains the majority of his energy during the first season of Mob Psycho 100. That said, he sticks around in his much weaker form, eventually becoming a companion to Mob.
But even without the strong powers he had initially, Dimple can possess other people. This ability helped the group get out of several sticky situations. Dimple is not the most powerful entity on the show, but viewers certainly should not count him out during a fight.
When fans first meet Ritsu, he’s introduced as Mob’s younger brother who doesn’t have the same telekinetic abilities that Mob possesses. For a while, it seems as though Ritsu resents his big brother for his powers. However, it was later revealed that Ritsu has his powers, even if they are inferior to Mob’s abilities.
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Initially, Ritsu’s powers are incredibly tame in comparison to most of the other espers we meet. Over time, however, Ritsu’s abilities increase and he becomes stronger. And unfortunately, unlike Mob, Ritsu doesn’t fault espers for using their powers against other human beings when it’s necessary.
Teruki Hanazawa kicks off his tenure on Mob Psycho 100 by challenging Mob to a battle, during which both characters showcase what they can do with their telekinetic abilities. And to be fair, Teruki holds his own against Mob pretty well, despite being far less intimidating at the height of his abilities than Mob is at his strongest.
Teruki is strong enough to stand up to some of the more talented members of Claw. One thing that often holds Teruki back, however, is that he freezes up when he loses a fight and becomes sick. He additionally is unable to channel his powers for some time afterward. If it were not for this shortcoming, Teruki might even fall higher on this list.
Toshiki Minegichi is one of the more powerful espers viewers meet in the series and they are part of the criminal organization Claw’s schemes. Minegichi is part of the Ultimate 5, a group comprised of the five most elite members of Claw. All of these members are counted as exceptional when it comes to using psychic abilities.
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Minegichi has a unique power that allows them to create and control plant life. Though this does not necessarily sound menacing, Minegichi can produce vines and Venus flytraps, both of which they set on their opponents. The downside of this strength is that it can also be turned against Minegichi by a stronger psychic; if someone else takes control of the plants, that person can turn them against Minegichi and anyone else they choose to attack.
Considering that Sho is the son of Claw’s leader, it is no surprise that he achieved powerful feats using his abilities. Even if he resists his father’s plans and teachings, Sho’s been raised in a world that emphasizes strengthening one’s psychic powers — and that environment has served him fairly well.
Sho has an impressive range of abilities, including using telekinesis as Mob can. He can additionally bend light to his will, allowing him to appear invisible if he desires. Sho can also store energy like his father can, allowing him to build his power steadily and unleash it all at once.
Ryo Shimazaki is another member of Claw’s Ultimate 5, and he created problems for Mob’s friends when Claw took control of their city. Shimazaki defeated Teruki and Ritsu in combat. It eventually took the group distracting him that they’re able to find a way to stop his destruction.
One of Shimazaki’s greatest strengths is his ability to teleport, something he uses to kidnap the Prime Minister and defeat his opponents. Shimazaki can also use his “Mind’s Eye” to sense other espers, gaining an advantage on other psychics who might attempt to sneak up on him.
Katsuya Serizawa is also a part of the Ultimate 5 and a member of Claw when fans meet him. However, Mob convinced him to leave Claw and lead a less destructive life near the end of the show’s second season. Serizawa initially joined Claw after living a sheltered existence indoors, terrified of his powers. Toichiro coaxed him out of his solitude and persuaded him to use his abilities to serve him, but Serizawa believed Toichiro had his best interests at heart.
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Serizawa does have some impressively strong powers by channeling psychokinesis through his umbrella. Though it sounded ridiculous, it is dangerous when leveled at an opponent, and it provides adequate protection when used as a shield.
Mob Psycho 100 fans first meet Keiji Mogami as an evil spirit, but they soon learn that Mogami was one of the most powerful psychics to ever live before his death. He was formerly known as “The Greatest Psychic of the 20th Century,” a title that speaks volumes about the sort of power he’s capable of wielding.
And even in death, Mogami has many strengths in battle. He can possess his victims and create mental mindscapes that trap other people. Mogami also takes out many of Claw’s espers by absorbing their life force, and he’s even able to take control of the plants Minegichi creates.
Most of the espers on Mob Psycho 100 are far beneath Mob in terms of power, but Toichiro was one of the first real threats to the boy. The leader of the criminal organization Claw, Toichiro has plenty of other espers at his disposal. During his confrontation with Mob, he admitted being able to absorb the powers of his followers. Like Sho, he can store psychic energy and unleash it at his discretion.
Toichiro can also transfer his abilities to other people, including those who are not initially espers. In this way, he could summon an army to his disposal if he wished. Toichiro can also send shock waves through his opponents, creating shielded barriers to protect him from things like Reigen’s bullets, and manipulate gravity.
Mob repeatedly proved that he is the most powerful character on Mob Psycho 100, having defeated all of the characters listed here on at least one occasion. Mob’s telekinetic powers are unusually strong for someone his age, and his ability to sense and exorcise evil spirits is on another level.
And as Mob’s meter climbs from 1 percent to 100 percent, he only becomes more difficult to defeat. There are only a few people who can challenge him when his suppressed psychic energy rises to the surface, bringing him to ???% mode on his meter.
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