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Aug. 29 2022, Published 11:48 a.m. ET
When people think of Taylor Swift, they instantly think about her impressive discography, beautiful music videos, and iconic fashion sense. She’s been active in the music industry releasing music since 2004; she’s even crossed over between music genres from country to pop and dominated in every single area.
When people think of Carly Rae Jepsen, they’re often reminded of her fun pop music and her first ever single, “Call Me Maybe,” which consumed airwaves in 2012. The singer-songwriter knew she was destined to be a musician after pursuing musical theater in both high school and college. Now, both songstresses have announced brand new albums — and they’re slated to release on the same day.
Is there any truth behind the rumors of a feud between Taylor and Carly? Here’s what everyone should know.
As of 2022, there is no evidence of bad blood between Taylor and Carly. The last public interaction they had was on Twitter in 2019 when Taylor posted a playlist full of songs she was currently listening to on Apple Music. One of the songs happened to be “Want You in My Room” by Carly.
Carly retweeted Taylor and said, “Thanks for adding ‘Want You in My Room’ to your new playlist,” with a yellow heart emoji. A few years before that, in 2015, Carly spoke up about being compared to Taylor at the time. Carly‘s album “EMOTION” was heavily reminding people of Taylor’s album “1989.”
Both albums were filled with tons of catchy lyrics and pop hooks, so it made sense that fans were drawing comparisons. Carly spoke up about the situation to Sunday Times Culture via PopBuzz when she said, “I remember hearing ‘1989’ and thinking Taylor is doing ’80s, too. I wasn’t worried because we’ve done the ’80s in such a different way. I certainly don’t consider it a contest.”
In other words, even though fans might’ve been accusing one artist of copying the other, Carly was appreciative of the fact that she and Taylor could both put their own spins on a similar sound.
It’s also interesting to note that both Carly and Taylor have worked with Jack Antonoff in the past. He is a talented lyricist who’s helped many albums come together over the years, including albums by Lana Del Rey.
Another separate factor to consider is the fact that Taylor previously faced a world of endless drama with Scooter Braun who wouldn’t sell her masters back to her in 2020 — until she went out of her way to fight for them. Carly isn’t managed by Scooter, but she’s signed to his label.
Considering the public interactions and connections between the two, there is no actual evidence of a feud going on. Whew!
Fans of both Taylor and Carly should prepare themselves for mid-October — both albums will be released on October 21, 2022. Taylor’s new album is called Midnights, while Carly’s is called The Loneliest Time.
A Reddit thread has been created by fans of Taylor and Carly who want them to collaborate on a new song together. If the two musicians were to meet with each other at the studio to create some musical magic, it would make a lot of people in their fans quite happy.
One person wrote, “If Taylor goes back to pop music, I think my dream collaboration would be her and Carly Rae Jepsen. I don’t know if it’ll ever happen … but I think they can make a fantastic pop song together.”
Someone responded by saying, “I would die for a Carly and Taylor collab.” So, did the two collaborate? With both albums set to release on the same day, I guess we’ll have our answer on October 21!
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