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Summertime Render hasn’t actually missed a trick but.  It’s reassuring with a collection like this understanding that it’s most likely not going to leap the whale shark.  As a result of, after all, many if not most of them do.  Supernatural thrillers not often maintain collectively all the way in which until the top, however with Watanabe Ayumu on-board and the manga’s fame, it appears very possible the payoff (we’re already in that part of the story) might be worthy of the buildup.
We’ve already completed a whole lot of time leaping, however 1732 is the farthest we’ve gone.  We already had some notion from Haine’s dialog with middle-school Hizuru, however the Hiruko story began in famine.  The 1732 Kyouhou Famine, to be exact, a interval of Japanese historical past I’m removed from educated about.  It hit Kyuushu laborious (presumably as many as 200,000 died) and it’s extensively blamed on regressive tax insurance policies by the Tokugawa shogun of the time.  It additionally marked the time when the satsumaimo (Japanese candy potato) turned widespread in Japan, as locations the place it had already unfold largely averted the famine of 1732.
I nonetheless have questions there.  Primarily, if the incident with Haine and the whale occurred in 1732, why did the Haine we met in Hizuko’s recollections (which might have been 2003 or so) act so Jekyll and Hyde?  Why was she seemingly flashing again to that point interval?  It does fill in arguably the final piece of the puzzle, although, together with Karikiri-san, that’s.  Which is becoming, as Karikiri was the final main character whose function had been unexplained.  It appeared possible he was most likely Shide – nobody else made sense – however it’s good to have it confirmed.  As to Shinpei’s idea on the origin of Hiruko being extraterrestrial, it’s fascinating to take a position on, however most likely not essential in sensible phrases.
The cat and mouse between Shide and Shinpei is fascinating to observe play out.  At first they play the roles anticipated of them, however quickly sufficient it’s clear Shinpei is attempting to impress a response from the priest.  And as soon as Shinpei reveals his hand (the photos) the tables flip, and it’s Karikiri who’s clearly attempting to govern Shinpei.  Shinpei is essentially honorable and first rate, most likely an excessive amount of for his personal good within the present circumstances – he has to justify in his thoughts what must be completed, particularly as Karikiri is by all appearances a human being.
In impact, Shinpei was keen to throw away a loop based mostly on the will to know the reality.  Given his private stake – his mother and father and the woman he beloved have been killed by this being  – it’s comprehensible, however definitely unwise.  And smug, too, since he assumed he knew all the important thing variable and clearly was lacking no less than one.  Shide nearly manipulated Shinpei into doing what he clearly wished the boy to do (kill him), and did manipulate shadow Ushio into doing so.  However Shide had an ace up his sleeve – and no burn beneath it.
So – simply how is it that the being Ushio killed was not Shide, or Karikiri – or no less than not each?  Nothing we all know would clarify what occurred so far as I can deduce – the person speaking about FF 7 (his information of gaming technique appears to have helped Karikiri considerably) was clearly not a shadow.  However he wasn’t Karikiri both, or no less than not the one inside Shide.  Is there one other means for a duplicate to be in existence?  Are there a number of copies of Karikiri strolling about because of his recycling system (type of a twisted bad-karma tackle the Buddhist cycle of rebirth)?  And even when that have been the case, would they actually be so casually expendable?
Within the last evaluation, Shinpei’s gamble appears to have backfired badly.  He overreached, and the worth for that’s that Ushio has apparently been taken out.  That issues emotionally after all, even when their desired endgame would have meant her demise anyway.  However in pure sensible phrases Ushio was one of the best weapon Crew Shinpei had going for it.  Karikiri has proved that Crew Shadow can outflank and overpower him with out counting on shadows in any respect, and Shinpei’s strongest ally and weapon has (seemingly) been ripped from him.  The nice guys will rise from these depths of despair to battle the ultimate battle, absolutely, however this represents their biggest setback but.
I went and bought to studying the Ao Ashi manga, and this episode makes me need to do the identical with Summertime Render although I could rein it in for now.
Primarily based on prior episodes, as I can’t appear to recollect, does this imply there’s just one rogue Ushio? Changing every loops’ Ushio?
I didn’t watch episode 19 but as I desire to go by no less than a batch of two with that collection however I might not disguise that I’m curious (glad?) to see how they are going to deal with issues now with out tremendous über Ushio know all of it do all of it. I’m not naive about the truth that there’ll a be a option to convey her again however for the second I’m fairly glad (additionally not likely a fan of her “humor” however that’s relative).
Though the manga has been launched in France (with the ultimate quantity being launched final June), this collection was nearly by no means talked about. Even web site or podcasts that I’m used to learn/pay attention didn’t point out that manga (just one a bit shortly to speak about quantity one launch). And me, whereas I knew the identify, that is solely when the anime was introduced that I’ve seen that I knew the writer’s earlier (canned) collection. That added to my shock seing it win a prize in “suspense class” on the French con Japan Expo final month contemplating how nearly nobody talked about it throughout its publication.
The one (disgusting?) factor that I’ve possibly missed with the interpretation is: does Shide/Karikiri cyclically impregnate Haine to born once more or it’s my deranged thoughts which understood that?
I admit that hadn’t occurred to me, however I suppose it’s not not possible.

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