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After a whole lot of family fun, it is time to focus on Anya’s school life again in Spy x Family Episode 10. Anya faces terrible odds in order to come out on top for the first time. Let’s see if it was enough in this review!
Spy x Family, sometimes stylised as SpyxFamily, is an action and comedy anime based on a manga written by Tatsuya Endou and serialised in Shounen Jump+. The manga quickly became among the magazine’s most popular ongoing properties, and thus, an anime adaptation was inevitable. The anime adaptation is being tackled by Studios Wit and CloverWorks, and it would be an insult to your intelligence as anime fans to tell you the shows these two studios have made. You are already well aware.
The anime is being directed by Kazuhiro Furuhashi, who has previously served the same position in shows such as Dororo, HunterxHunter (1999), and Rurouni Kenshin. This episode of the show is also referred to as SpyxFamily Episode 10 and Spy Family Episode 10. You can read our review of the previous episode of the show right here!
– SpyxFamily Episode 10 Review does not contain spoilers –
Despite her being the main attraction of the series and the one receiving most of the praise, we haven’t really talked much about Anya in this review series. It is now time to fix that glaring issue. Anya is the one thing about this show that takes it from a forgettable slice of life to something worth paying attention to. She is the one secret ingredient that makes this entire meal worth enjoying and coming back to. She is the most refreshing take on a child protagonist in a show in a long while, and her popularity is the most justified thing about the entire experience.
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Everything about her, from her unbridled enthusiasm about anything related to her family, the ability that affords her the power to read minds, and her knowledge of her parents’ private lives, is fantastic and leads to many hilarious situations. However, if you were to ask me the definitive reason for the phenomenon she has become, I would have to say it is because she is dumb. Anya is a massive buffoon that stumbles her way into and out of many hard situations, and the world is all the better because of it.
If she were at least a little smarter, she would figure out a way to use her parents’ talents in her favour. However, where’s the fun in that? Who wants to see a generic slice of life where a spy and an assassin help her reach the top of the world using her intellect and their skills? Who would take that series over a genuinely heartwarming found family situation where they all learn from each other and grow together, even though one of them is a completely incompetent bumbling buffoon? I’ll take the buffoon, thank you very much.
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Her being this way led to this episode being absolutely hilarious. She doesn’t have a filter and doesn’t think twice before calling someone a shithead. Her resolve to win the game of dodgeball was adorable, and so was the tiny training arc she went through with Yor. Even though the jokes and scenes weren’t anything new, and we have seen similar scenes elsewhere, they didn’t have Anya in them, making the ones that happened here automatically better. It also gave Yor something to do in the show, which is always appreciated.
However, Anya being this way also ensured that the ending of Spy x Family Episode 10 was really predictable. Despite the lead-up to her grand performance being outstanding, with Damian and his lackeys getting a lot of shine along the way, you knew this wouldn’t continue for long. Even though the show tried to deceive you, it was easy to see through the charade. Despite the fact that the monster that the show had introduced was hilarious, the result was never really in doubt. It was still fun to watch, though, and isn’t this all that matters at the end of the day?
Spy x Family Episode 10 was a very fun time that featured a phenomenal setting and a weak ending. Well, we take the good with the bad here. Let’s just say this was highly entertaining and leave it at that.
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