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These shows from the Spring 2022 anime season only got better as their respective series progressed.
Not all anime are winners at the start. Sometimes, great anime shows don't really kick into gear until later into the season. Other shows start good but continue to rise in quality and enjoyment as the season goes on.
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The Spring 2022 anime season had a lot of winners that year, with big hits like Spy x Family and the third season of Kaguya-sama: Love Is War. While there are a lot of shows this season that were good from the start, some shows took their time and got better as the season went on. Here are the Spring 2022 anime series that improved the most over the season.
After dying due to exhaustion from playing an otome game all night, a Japanese salaryman finds himself reincarnated as Leon fou Bartfort in the very same game. Despite wanting to live an easy life, Leon ends up facing multiple hardships growing up and ends up wrapped up in the game's story, despite not having any part in it.
Trapped in a Dating Sim starts off rather slow, but it starts to pick up once Leon befriends both the original protagonist and antagonist, Olivia and Angelica. While Leon starts off a little unlikeable, by the end of the series his contrarian nature and petty personality start to become endearing to the audience.
A gamer wakes up to find that he is in the world of the fantasy game he has been playing, in the body of his skeleton avatar. Dubbing himself Arc, he decides to go exploring the world as a chivalrous knight and have the fantasy adventure he always dreamed of having.
Skeleton Knight in Another World has a rather uncomfortable start, and it doesn't pick up from there right away. However, once it does, it distinguishes itself from other fantasy adventure isekai anime with its sense of humor and impressive animation. This series is a must-watch for fans of isekai shows.
After his dreams of making it as a musician in Tokyo comes to an end, Nagomu Irino returns home to his parents, who own a sweets shop. Nagomu intends to take over the shop after his father but is surprised to learn that his parents have decided to have someone else inherit the shop – a ten-year-old girl named Itsuka Yukihira.
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Although the initial concept of Deaimon is interesting, the series doesn't really build on that right away, as Nagomu and Itsuka do not interact all that much. However, as their relationship progresses and more characters are introduced, the series becomes more heartwarming and wholesome.
Fudo Aikawa is the leader of the Gelato Five, a crime-fighting superhero team that fights against the villainous Gekko and their monstrous hybrid warriors. However, Fudo has a surprising secret – he's going out with Desumi Magahara, the Reaper Princess of Gekko!
Love After World Domination starts fairly basic as it takes its time to introduce and establish Fudo and Desumi's relationship with each other. Once the side characters start making more of a splash in the overall story, the hijinks and shenanigans the characters get up to become a lot more fun to watch.
Zhuge Kongming is one of the most famous strategists in Chinese history – and has reincarnated in the modern world. Meeting a young singer named Eiko, Kongming is touched by her simple yet heartfelt singing and swears to make her a top singer known all over the world.
Ya Boy Kongming!has a strong start and only gets better from there. The endeavors of Kongming and Eiko are fun to watch, and as more characters are introduced, the story only becomes more complex as unusual connections are made. The series may have a simple concept, but it has a lot of heart.
Aoi Ashito is a brash, arrogant soccer player with a bit of an inflated ego, but a good heart. A chance meeting with a mysterious man named Tatsuya Fukuda gives him the once-in-a-lifetime chance he can't afford to refuse: a chance to play as a member of the Tokyo Esperion, a professional soccer team.
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Aoashi is an extremely fun soccer anime, but it doesn't immediately start off that way. It can also be tough to deal with Aoi's abrasive personality. However, the more Aoi shows off his heart and growth, the more enjoyable it becomes to follow him as a character.
After reincarnating in a world where books are extremely rare, the book-loving Myne has gone from owning her own company to becoming an accomplished blue-robed priestess of the church. While Myne's life seems to be looking up, change threatens to take away everything she holds dear.
The third season of Ascendance of a Bookworm starts fairly similar to the slice-of-life tales of the last two seasons, but hints of conflict and tension slowly begin to appear as the series goes on. This series is easily the most exciting season so far, and the change in tone between the first and last episode is night and day.
Miyuki Shirogane and Kaguya Shinomiya are the student council president and vice-president of Shuchiin Academy, a prestigious school made for the extremely wealthy. As the leaders of the school, Shirogane and Shinomiya both hold a lot of pride in themselves, which is why they can't admit that they're in love with each other.
Kaguya-sama: Love Is War's third season starts rather similar to seasons before, with silly little stories and games between the two leads in their endless fight to get the other to confess. However, as the season goes on, the story ramps up to the incredible festival arc, culminating in one of the biggest events in anime this year.
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