Spotify is the latest big app to adopt Android 13's themed icons – Android Police

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Update your Spotify now, if you’re running Android 13
Themed icons are among the most popular features in Android 13, and we’re beginning to see support for them from a wide variety of third-party developers. In recent weeks we’ve seen Reddit, WhatsApp, Google Wallet, and others introduce new icons, and the latest is the world’s most popular music streaming service.
Spotify is the latest to include a dynamic app icon, and if you’re running Android 13 software, you’ll find it will appear on your phone when you update to the latest version. If it’s already on your homescreen, and you have automatic app updates turned on, you may find it has already appeared on your phone.
Two Android Police editors have seen the feature appear on their smartphones, and we’ve seen others online reporting similar. It has appeared on our Pixel 6 series devices as part of software Oddly the update says it's from September 4, but no one has spotted the change before, so we're certain the themed icon rolled out today.
To use dynamic app icons, you’ll find the feature under the Wallpaper and style menu in your settings. You'll want to toggle the feature Themed icons to ensure you can see them. Then it’s just a case of adding compatible apps to your homepage. Bear in mind not all apps are supported, though, as one of our Android Police colleagues has found in recent weeks.
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