Real Estate Transactions: Nov. 11, 2022 – Athol Daily News

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Conway Road/Route 116. $450,000. B: Mount Owen LLC. S: Mount Owen Realty Trust and Jeffery B. Brown.
259B Hawley Road. $415,000. B: Leonard Roberts and Joan Roberts. S: Barbara A. Ladd and Peggy S. Preiser.
199 Ranney Corner Road. $387,000. B: Fred J. Wang. S: John Reidy-Treworgy.
400 Cottage St. $85,750. B: Susan Huffman. S: Nancy C. Conley.
52 Ella St. $240,000. B: Zachary Ryan. S: Arlene L. Smith and Barbara A. Stuvick.
86 Lakeview Ave. $305,000. B: Robert Hughes and Kaitlyn Hughes. S: Barry L. Labombarde.
121, 137 and 151 Marble St. $1,375,000. B: Marble Street LLC. S: Raleigh Realty Trust and Kathleen A. Hughes.
177 Riverview Ave. $330,000. B: Jonathan L. Gillway and Elizabeth A. Gillway. S: Bruce S. Raymond and Mary A. Raymond.
1475 South Athol Road. $500,000. B: Brenda Radke. S: Dodge Contracting LLC.
3671 South Athol Road. $138,000. B: Molly G. Lyman and Luanne P. Lyman. S: CJW Royalston LLC.
1265 South Main St. $300,000. B: Danielle G. Rouleau. S: Richard D. Verock.
25 Woodland Drive. $335,000. B: Claudia Vivanco. S: William C. Gates and Kim M. Gates.
491 Brattleboro Road. $190,000. B: Cole Facey. S: Jason W. Herron.
12 North Merrifield Road. $300,000. B: Christopher T. Neil. S: Timothy L. Menard and Penni L. Menard.
2B Gray Lock Lane, Lot 32B. $451,500. B: Sally J. Cary Irrevocable Trust and Timothy D. Cary. S: Ragus LLC.
357 Greenfield Road. $650,000. B: Northern Enterprises LLC. S: Stillwater Properties LLC.
Hillside Road. $15,200. B: Dovi LLC and Simcha LLC. S: Laurie J. Kenzel and Robert E. Tardif Jr.
107 Hillside Road. $740,000. B: Brian Abramson and Jennifer Abramson. S: Mary Lou Ried Revocable Trust and Mary L. Reid.
47 Lee Road. $210,000. B: Mark Mongeau. S: Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC and Wilmington Trust.
Old World Road. $13,000. B: Steven Lafland. S: Wayne T. Hazlett.
35 Thayer St. $405,000. B: Lynn A. Olynik. S: Sally J. Cary Irrevocable Trust and Timothy D. Cary.
56 Mountain Road. $241,000. B: Evelyn Cunha and Anthony Cunha. S: Kelly L. Hunter.
7 West Main St. $380,000. B: Woznial Enterprise LLC. S: Michael D. Driscoll and Simone A. Cristofori.
Adams Road, Lot B. $5,000. B: Valley Precision Parts Corp. S: Greenfield Redevelopment Authority.
283 Chapman St. $330,000. B: Bobbie Clark and Mary Bucci. S: Dennis A. Fisk and Janice L. Fisk.
406 Country Side Road, Lot 406. $220,000. B: Jag Star LLC. S: J&S Simanski Revocable Trust and Jeffrey J. Simanski.
119 Davis St. $235,000. B: Paul T. Norwood. S: Joshua L. McConnell and Kristen A. McConnell.
188 Federal St. $500,000. B: ZS Enterprise LLC. S: Mulligans Haven LLC.
60 Forest Ave. $227,500. B: Wilfred Cather III and Olivia Cather. S: Egan Irrevocable Trust and Betsy J. Egan.
29 Hastings St. $340,000. B: Teresa Martinez and William M. Walsdmith. S: Tarsis T. Theofaidis.
104 Leyden Road. $265,000. B: Susan Pennison and Laurie Newsome. S: Rebeca Snow-Kowal.
25 Main St. $350,000. B: Spartans Inc. S: Demosthenis Leristis.
37 Mary Potter Lane. $475,000. B: John R. Fitzsimmons II and Debra C. Fitzsimmons. S: Danny Mason and Jody Sieben.
438 Mohawk Trail. $215,000. B: Keith Cosimini. S: Steven M. Knapp and Jennifer M. Knapp.
39 Newell Pond Road. $290,000. B: Ayron Hemingway Sr. and Samantha Brooks. S: Jennifer M. Bartak.
41 Princeton Terrace, Lot 41. $147,000. B: OV Properties LLC. S: Michael J. Howes and Adri L. Bekkeer.
289 and 291 Wells St. $1,200,000. B: Gigi Self Storage LLC. S: ACCSS1 LLC.
12 Cascade Drive. $64,900. B: James Middlebrook. S: Lynn A. Carboneau.
Juggler Meadow Road. $33,000. B: Wesley J. Goscenski and Audra L. Goscenski. S: Patricia A. Zuzgo and Judith M. Wrona.
Long Plain Road. $100,000. B: Wesley J. Goscenski and Audra L. Goscenski. S: Patricia A. Zuzgo and Judith M. Wrona.
Coates Road, Lots 1A and 2A. $18,000. B: Katherine E. Stebbins and Arnold J. Egloff. S: Birch Mountain Farm Irrevocable Trust and Brianna K. Inman.
Moores Road. $23,000. B: Bryan F. Albano. S: William Higgins.
Third Street. $6,500. B: Carson D. Poe and Theresa M. Perrone. S: Edwin A. Gillespie Jr. and Kathryn E. Gillespie.
3 Bridge St. $650,000. B: Northern Enterprises LLC. S: Stillwater Properties LLC.
33 Coolidge Ave. $245,000. B: John Hannum III and Caitlin Hannum. S: Paul J. Emery and Josephine A. Emery.
130 Millers Falls Road. $38,000. B: Marc A. Burdick. S: Benjamin River-Leinfelder.
92 East St. $220,000. B: Susan D. Gershwin. S: Ryan D. Hoar.
56 Lyman Hill Road. $475,000. B: Carla J. Simpson. S: Linda J. Smiaroski and James Carr Jr.
91 Main St. $650,000. B: Northern Enterprises LLC. S: Stillwater Properties LLC.
34 Meadow St. $268,000. B: Raymond McIsaac Jr. and Wanda McIsaac. S: Kathleen A. Smith.
137 Eagleville Road. $58,350. B: Kiernan R. Wilson. S: Zachary M. Lizee.
332 East Road. $453,250. B: Maryah Carlin. S: Bryan Melanson and Aimee Melanson.
60 Fountain St. $250,000. B: Derek K. Vescovi. S: Robert L. Hughes and Kaitlyn Hughes.
540 South Main St. $125,000. B: Brian A. Heath. S: Jo Ellen Heath.
28 Spring St. $549,900. B: Roberta R. Parillo and Frank A. Parillo. S: Timothy W. Sullivan and John Harrison.
25 West St. $120,000. B: Thomas Guillot. S: USA Housing and Urban Development.
270 Barre Road. $315,000. B: Michael Panagiotou and Lauren S. Wilson. S: Sheila A. Buell.
6 and 19 Samuel Drive. $740,000. B: Mystic Lakes Realty LLC. S: Randy R. Rameau.
10 Secret Lake Road. $610,000. B: Paul W Lindquist Irrevocable Trust and Jeffrey L. Brown Jr. S: N.A. Nason Trust 2017 and Nancy A. Nason.
10 Tully River Road. $175,500. B: Marc Adam Bobrow Revocable Trust and Marc A. Bobrow. S: C Peter. Christoph and Kathleen Christoph.
Old Albany Road. $62,500. B: Refined Design Homes Inc. S: Richard H. Stowe and Linda D. Stowe.
Lakeview Road, Lot 647. $8,500. B: Kathleen Salvador and Joseph Salvador. S: Dorothy A. Dubnansky.
134 North Silver Lane. $72,000. B: Thomas J. Doubleday. S: Stanley Mieczkowski Estate and David J. Maslanka.
29 Athol Road. $315,000. B: HPG Bek 2 LLC. S: Beth Joan Gilgun Estate and George Holey.
29 Athol Road. $310,000. B: Stephen P. Johnson. S: HPG Bek 2 LLC.
10 Center St. $125,000. B: Alistair MacMartin. S: Robert T. Marsh Sr. and Anna Jean Marsh.
23 Farley Road. $129,000. B: Lisa Pepin. S: James F. Brady Jr. and Lola M. Brady.
175 Mormon Hollow Road. $289,000. B: Renee M. Lazaras. S: Barbara E. Sylvester.
257 Long Plain Road. $98,022. B: Nessim J. Watson. S: Michelle Robidoux and Nessim J. Watson.
River Road. $55,000. B: Christopher A. Green and Katelynn McKinnon. S: James M. Pasiecnik Estate and Jusstine Pasiecnik.
180 River Road. $400,000. B: Angelica E. Perfido and Marissa R. Wells. S: Michael F. Clark and Kathleen R. Clark.
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