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Palworld, an upcoming Pokemon clone that’s been described as ‘Pokemon with guns,’ is coming to Xbox as well as PC.
As announced at the 2022 Tokyo Game Show event, Pokemon clone Palworld is coming to Xbox consoles as well as PC. Palworld is a rather unique twist on the Pokemon formula, embracing open world survival game mechanics and more adult-oriented content. It's been turning heads since its reveal last year, though until just recently, Palworld was only confirmed to be coming to PC via Steam.
The latest Palworld trailer has been accompanied by news that the game is also in development for Xbox One and Xbox Series X, with the console version to launch in 2023 alongside the PC release. Unfortunately for those that prefer PlayStation and Nintendo consoles, Palworld has yet to be announced for those platforms.
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The new trailer for Palworld shows off the game's Pokemon-equivalent, Pals, and how players can interact with them. Pals can be used as mounts to explore the game world, and they can also be used in battles. Players are quickly reminded why the game has been called Pokemon with guns, as one of the Pals can be seen wielding a machine gun at one point. But while combat will certainly play a major role in Palworld, the creatures can be used for other things as well.
The trailer shows off some of the other gameplay features that Palworld players can look forward to come launch next year, like utilizing the creatures to farm crops and build structures. They can also be used for transportation purposes. In the latest Palworld trailer, players can see a massive whale-like Pal used to fly through the sky, while some wolf-like Pal are used as sled dogs to traverse a snowy environment.
What is perhaps most striking about this new Palworld trailer is the impressive graphics. Anyone underwhelmed by the Pokemon franchise's graphics in recent years should have nothing to complain about in Palworld, as the developers have clearly gone to great lengths to ensure that the game has high-quality visuals. Of course, it's always possible that the game will have some hidden graphical problems that have yet to surface, so fans will have to play the game for themselves to see how it all turns out.
Based on what's been shown so far, though, Palworld seems like it will be one of the better Pokemon clones on the market. With its guns, farming features, and survival game mechanics, it's certainly doing a lot to make a name for itself beyond just being another Pokemon clone. More information on Palworld should come to light in the months leading up to its eventual release next year.
Palworld launches in 2023 for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.
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