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A Pokemon trainer’s return to the handheld game was celebrated with nurse joy’s kind words of welcome, a moment they shared with the Pokemon Reddit community. Other members wished the 30-year-old a wonderful birthday.
Not all Pokemon fans nowadays are children. Many fully grown adults have grown attached to the franchise after playing the earlier generations, with some even cosplaying the older generation grunts. The love and memories these players hold for the game allow the iconic handheld JRPG to become a place of comfort and adventure.
There is definitely something special about returning to a childhood Pokemon game and rediscovering those cherished memories. Whether it’s fighting the Elite Four, bonding with decade-old Pokemon in your party, or – in this Redditor’s case – discovering new lines of dialogue within the game.
Reddit user EndUpBeat hopped onto a 3DS Pokemon game, presumably from the 6th Gen of the franchise on the 3DS systems. During a routine visit to the Pokemon center, his conversation with Nurse Joy resulted in an unexpected line of dialogue.
“Please keep visiting the Pokemon Center for many years to come!” she thanks the player, showing appreciation for the player’s commitment to the game. The moment touched the player, who did not expect the game to make them emotional.
They promptly shared the event on reddit.
The thread has become a place for older Pokemon fans to share their experiences, and the community came together to celebrate the player and their special find.
“Happy birthday! I turned 30 a month ago and we are in the same boat, met Pokémon at 8.” The original post owner replies, “Same. I’m still that 8 year old every time I play.” 
Another user notes the birthday trend in the other game entries.
“I’m not sure when this started, but I think it’s been since gen 4. If you go to a Pokémon center on your birthday it will have different music and the nurse says happy birthday. If you have any of the other games, it should work in them too.”
These experiences are often part of what makes the Pokemon games so special to players, and hopefully, similar instances will continue in new games for decades to come.


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