Oops! Katy Perry's jeans rip open as she twerks on stage, revealing her underwear! – Marca English

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During an episode of American Idol
The latest episode of American Idol was a memorable and unforgettable one for Katy Perry and for the audience. The singer is one of the judges on the talent show, but she performed in the most recent episode and had a wardrobe malfunction as she did so.
During Katy Perry‘s performance, her skin-tight jeans ripped at the exact part of the song in which she was singing about skin-tight jeans.
She stopped performing and called for some gaffer tape, after her ripped clothes revealed her underwear.
There was shock in the audience, while the TV show covered up their judge’s mishap with an American Idol logo during the broadcast.
The 37-year-old was able to laugh about the situation, though, even using it to promote the pre-recorded show.
“Ima get ur heart racing in my skin-tight jeans on American Idol tonight, so tune in now for a RIPPING good time,” she wrote on social media.
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