My Hero Academia Teases Double Agent Betrayal –

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By Nick Valdez
My Hero Academia is waging its final war between the heroes and villains, and the newest chapter of the series has planted the seeds for a major double agent betrayal! The final war against the villains has been pretty tough for the heroes thus far as despite all of their efforts, the latest chapter revealed that the fights against Dabi, All For One, and Tomura Shigaraki are far from over. But it’s clear that with such a massive war across so many battlefields that there are still many things to keep an eye on as the series heads to its grand finale.
While the heroes had been making strides against Dabi, All For, and Tomura Shigaraki thus far, each of the villains is poising for their own kinds of comebacks as it’s been made clear that this was really only the first phase of their grand scheme. Knowing that they were on the back foot for much of the last major war, it seems that they have something even bigger planned this time as they have planted more double agents in the hideouts where the civilians are being kept safe…for now. 
Chapter 363 of My Hero Academia reveals that Skeptic has been hiding out in a satellite above the Earth as part of the villains’ plan. As Shigaraki explains, while Izuku had the heroes quickly enact their final war plans knowing that the villains wouldn’t wait too long to strike, it was still not enough to properly prepare for what’s to come. This second phase of their plan sees Skeptic hacking into the various security systems around the world, and it’s revealed that the double agents that were hiding out in the U.A. Academy safe house are given orders of some kind. 
With all of the civilians kept in one place meant to be safe from harm, each of the heroes had been focusing their remaining fighting forces against Shigaraki and the other villains on each of the separate battlefields. This has left the civilian safe houses unprotected, and unfortunately this means they will be the target of whatever the villains have planned next. But hopefully, some heroes stuck around as one final layer of protection or this war is about to get a lot worse. 
What do you think the villains’ plans for the double agents in the hide outs are? Do you think Izuku and the heroes planned for this kind of twist? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!
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