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Edgeshot truly lives up to his reputation in My Hero Academia. With a powerful Transformation Quirk, he can use a combination of speed and stealth to take out his targets. Most heroes and villains in the series can’t react to him on time.
However, Edgeshot is not without any weaknesses. There are a select few characters in My Hero Academia who could potentially defeat him. It all depends on various factors within his matchups.
Note: This article contains manga spoilers and solely reflects the opinions of the writer.
My Hero Academia has already settled this score in the Paranormal Liberation War. Although manga readers didn’t see much, Edgeshot did prevail against Re-Destro, albeit just barely.
Re-Destro can power himself up with his Stress Quirk. With his maxed-out physical stats, he can match anybody’s strength and speed. However, the villain is held back by a significant handicap. His mechanical feet can barely support the full weight of his tremendous power.
When it was revealed that Re-Destro was defeated, viewers could see his broken prosthetics in the background panel. Unsurprisingly, this is a very easy target for the Ninja Hero.
This section will consider the prime version of Overhaul, back when he could still use his arms in the Shie Hassaikai arc.
Overhaul is a dangerous villain who can reassemble and disassemble anything, whether it is a person or an object. All he needs to do is touch it with his hands.
Edgeshot would be finished if he were to come into direct contact with Overhaul. However, he does have significant advantages in My Hero Academia.
First and foremost, Edgeshot’s Quirk lets him stay in the air. He could easily dodge any grounded spikes if Overhaul reforms the battlefield. The hero can also strike back with swift precision.
Overhaul could barely keep up with a powerless Mirio Togata. Edgeshot is more than fast enough to cut off the blood flow in Overhaul’s brain.
Lady Nagant is a master sniper who can easily hit targets from any position. She is among the most powerful villains in My Hero Academia.
However, even with Lady Nagant’s skill at shooting bullets, Edgeshot will prove to be a very difficult target. The Foldabody Quirk lets him flatten his body at various angles. He can dodge her attacks in ways other heroes cannot. It also helps that he is faster than the speed of sound.
Lady Nagant may be quick on the draw, but Edgeshot can turn himself into a very small target. Realistically, the hero will close the gap. If he gets close enough to the villain’s current position, he can strike her from behind. This ninja stealth master knows how to get by unnoticed.
Technically speaking, Best Jeanist is one rank higher than Edgeshot on the JP Billboard Charts. Even so, the latter can still pull off a victory in My Hero Academia.
Best Jeanist can manipulate clothing with his Fiber Master Quirk. Most characters would get choked out by his techniques since he can use their clothes against him. The Ultra Analysis Book lists his overall speed as 3/6. However, Edgeshot is completely maxed out at 6/6.
Best Jeanist is physically outmatched by Edgeshot in My Hero Academia. He is not fast enough to keep up with the Ninja Hero.
Edgeshot would run into some major problems in a fight with Endeavor. Keep in mind that his attacks mainly rely on physical contact. It’s not going to be easy going up against Endeavor and his powerful Emitter Quirk.
Hellflame produces some of the hottest fires in the entire My Hero Academia series. Endeavor can cover his entire body in a coat of flames.
Edgeshot is going to burn himself badly if he gets too close. It doesn’t help that Endeavor has great physical stats, both in terms of power and speed.
Endeavor also has a wide attacking range. Hellflame can spread across very large distances. It will be very difficult for Edgeshot to win this battle.
For the sake of this article, we will consider Tomura Shigaraki in his fully powered form after the Paranormal Liberation War. At this point, he has gotten so powerful that he can take on several heroes in the final war even without using his Quirk.
Shigaraki has the unnatural ability to mutate his entire body. He can adapt to any situation by reproducing multiple fingers and mouths. That’s not even getting to his deadly arsenal of broken Quirks. He can use Decay to wipe out entire battlefields in the blink of an eye. The villain could also potentially use the AFO Quirk to steal powers.
Without the use of his Quirk in My Hero Academia, Edgeshot would be unable to defend himself from a wave of Decay.
All For One is a destructive force of nature with his multiple Quirks. The vast majority of characters in My Hero Academia lack the resources to go up against him.
Edgeshot is fast enough to dodge most attacks, but he doesn’t have the durability or stamina to outlast All For One.
As previously mentioned, the AFO Quirk can take away Edgeshot’s special abilities, leaving him completely vulnerable. All For One has stolen enough Quirks to have several backup strategies against the hero.
Edgeshot may be a top hero, but he isn’t the top hero. All Might was a ridiculously strong fighter when he had the OFA Quirk. With his unmatched physical stats, he became the Symbol of Peace for several years in My Hero Academia.
Without exaggeration, All Might, in his prime, might just be more powerful than every single character on this list. He can take out the strongest enemies with a smash attack. Edgeshot doesn’t have the durability of a High-End Nomu, yet even those creatures have been laid to waste.
All Might is the My Hero Academia version of Superman. He is the epitome of power for the entire series. Only someone like Izuku Midoriya could catch up to him, and that is only because he also wields the OFA Quirk.
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