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My Hero Academia 366 could see the return of Bakugo Katsuki to life after Edgeshot’s sacrifice.
My Hero Academia is heating up with each passing chapter as the Final War arc goes on. In the previous chapter, fans saw the Number Four Hero, Edgeshot, attempt to save Bakugo with his ability. By making himself incredibly thin, he was able to enter Bakugo's body and stop the bleeding from the inside. He proceeded to give him CPR and kick-started the process to save Bakugo – becoming his heart in the process.
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At the same time, Shigaraki Tomura continued his assault on the Heroes and attempted to wipe out Best Jeanist, Bakugo, and Edgeshot as well. Thankfully, Mirko held him back for long enough despite having been injured severely already. Surprisingly, her attacks on Shigaraki started to work and even though she lost her arm, her combined effort with Mirio and Suneater allowed her to hold back the monstrous Villain. My Hero Academia 366 will now pick up from the aftermath of her attack on Shigaraki and tie it to his inner conflict in an intriguing manner.
My Hero Academia 366 is certainly going to focus quite a lot on Shigaraki Tomura. After taking damage from the attacks of the Heroes, he started having flashbacks to the time when he was still an innocent young boy. He wiped out his family by accident and, when he wanted help, nobody offered him a hand. Yet, now, Shigaraki sees his family emerge from him in an attempt to possibly save him.
His inner conflict is certainly going to be the main focus of the next chapter. Horikoshi, the author of My Hero Academia, has already laid the foundation for this. Towards the end of the Paranormal Liberation War, Izuku exclaimed that Shigaraki looked like someone who needed help. Later on, the growing influence of All For One on his body only made him more of a victim. It appears as though the author's intent is for Shigaraki to receive a redemption arc and this might be the turning point for him in the manga. My Hero Academia 366 could possibly see him being given this chance for the very first time. Whether or not Horikoshi will follow through with his redemption arc remains to be seen.
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My Hero Academia 366 could possibly see Bakugo returning to life. Previously, fans saw Shigaraki stab him through his chest, destroying his heart and part of his lungs in the process. Thanks to the efforts of Edgeshot and Best Jeanist, Bakugo's life can finally be saved. This comes at a huge cost, however. As mentioned in the previous chapter, Edgeshot will end up becoming his heart permanently. In doing so, however, he will save one of the greatest Heroes of the up-and-coming generation.
While Bakugo's life might be saved, he would still be in quite a bad condition. Unless he is healed somehow, Bakugo is likely to stay out of action. Knowing his fighting spirit, however, fans could well see him jump into action once again to aid the already fighting Heroes until the arrival of Izuku Midoriya. Either way, Bakugo's return is on the cards and might well happen in My Hero Academia 366.
Shigaraki is not the only threat in the current arc that the Heroes are facing. A short while ago, All For One was able to return to his prime, thanks to Dr. Kyudai Garaki. With Hawks and Endeavor already struggling against him, he is now several times stronger than he was formerly. Fans only saw a glimpse of his true power and My Hero Academia 366 might provide a bit more insight into what he is capable of in his new body. For now, Hawks believes that stalling him is the only way to deal with the current threat that he poses.
Meanwhile, Endeavor would probably be looking to deliver the final blow on him. The threat of All For One could be explored more in the next chapter. Things could go downhill quickly for the Heroes fighting him, along with those in the vicinity as he's capable of stealing Quirks, as seen previously. My Hero Academia chapter 366 could, thus, deliver the much-needed insight into the powers of the monster that is All For One.
My Hero Academia is a weekly manga and, as things appear, is on no break. As such, the manga will return in the next issue of Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine. According to Manga Plus, My Hero Academia chapter 366 will be released on September 11, 2022. Fans can read the manga for free on the Shonen Jump and MangaPlus apps.

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