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The anime franchise hosts incredibly powerful individuals and these anime children are no exception to this group of overpowered characters.
In the anime franchise, there are characters known for their tremendous strength and awe-inspiring abilities. These individuals, however, come in many different profiles. For example, they could be presented in the form of physically built teenagers from series like JoJo's Bizarre Adventures and Baki, or even in the form of glaringly old men like Bang from One-Punch Man.
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Yet another interesting profile is that of young adolescents and even those aged below them—characters with generally unimpressive statures who possess intimidating powers. The medium might not be littered with these formidable juveniles, but when they do make an appearance, they tend to stand out more than your average powerhouse.
This cutesy assistant of Kisuke Urahara may seem timid at first, but once she displays her fighting prowess, you have no choice but to look in awe of her capabilities. Ururu appears early on in the series and is often seen together with her brother Jinta who, though strong, cannot match her at full strength.
She is much stronger than a regular human being. In fact she has strength that rivals that of powerful shinigami and can even stand up to Arrancar opponents. During her confrontation with Yylfordt Granz, in what was probably her most notable show of power, she was able to land a solid hit and consequently wound the bullish Arrancar.
Wendy is the youngest Dragon Slayer in the Fairy Tail series, yet she still possesses a great deal of power. She was previously a member of the Cait Shelter Guild but eventually joined the Fairy Tail Guild after their disbandment.
Wendy is the Sky Dragon Slayer, and as a result, most of her attacks are wind-based. She is known mainly for her support role but is perfectly capable of powerful direct attacks. Her two most notable offensive abilities are her Sky Dragon Roar and Shattering Light: Sky Drill. When she goes into the Dragon Force state, her strongest form, she gains access to the raw power of dragons and with it, even stronger abilities and enhanced physical prowess.
Yachiru was adopted by Kenpachi Zaraki prior to the series beginning. She had always taken an interest in bloodshed, so she immediately grew attached to the wandering Kenpachi. She served as his assistant and the lieutenant to the 11th division of the Gotei 13.
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Despite her small stature, she has an extremely intimidating presence. Kenpachi himself stated that she would be able to take down all the division members when she first joined. She has a very high spiritual power and, even without using kido, is capable of many incredible feats. Her strongest ability, however, manifests in the form of her Shikai Sanpo Kenjū, two beasts that attack her opponent with timing that makes it almost impossible to dodge.
A spinoff of the iconic Fate/stay night series, Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya features the magical girl variant of the young Illyasviel von Einzbern. In this story, she is chosen by the Kaleidostick Magical Ruby to collect all the class cards scattered around Fuyuki city.
Possessing the Kaleidostick gives Ilya a vast range of powers, gaining flight capabilities along with enhanced strength and durability. However, her strongest forms come to the fore when she harnesses the power of the class cards. Using any of these cards grants her the same power as heroic spirits, figures from legend renowned for historic achievements. In these forms, she can rival the strength of some of the most powerful characters in the franchise, as she has been seen emulating Archer's projection and even Saber's excalibur.
Gon Freecs is a generally cheerful yet dangerous 12-year-old boy. He passed the Hunter exam at a very young age and is usually accompanied by his best friend, Killua Zoldyck. He has incredible potential as a hunter and at the beginning of the series, set out to find his father, Ging Freecs.
Gon was never an ordinary child. Since his first appearance, he displayed unusual strength and could outperform most adults in physical exercise. He is capable of using Nen and has been acknowledged by many experienced figures in the series to have limitless potential. In his most impressive yet debilitating show of strength, Gon made a contract with his Nen to gain access to all his untapped potential, decimating the Chimera Ant Neferpitou as a result; one of the strongest beings in the anime.
Shō is the younger brother of the series protagonist Shinra Kusakabe. As a child, he was abducted and taken away from his home after awakening the Adolla Burst. Under the wing of his new captors, he had no memories of his original family and became an essential member of the Evangelist’s group.
Even without taking advantage of the Adolla Burst, the young pillar has impressive battle capabilities. He is a very skilled swordsman that can move at high speeds and has relatively impressive strength. After being blessed by Adolla, however, he gained the ability to stop time. This ability is called Severed Universe, and with it, Shō appears infinitely faster to his opponents, making him a truly formidable foe.
Son of King Solomon and Queen Sheba, Aladdin is a talented magi whose existence challenges the concepts of the world in which he resides. Out of all the magicians in the series, magi are the strongest. They have the power to draw magoi from their surroundings and use it to empower themselves and their spells.
Aladdin is not only a magi, but he also possesses a Djinn; beings with immense power known to reside in dungeons and later stand by the side of kings. Though he possesses a special affinity for fire magic, Aladdin is not limited to it, as he has also been seen using lighting, gravity, light, wind, and water magic. Apart from being talented with many kinds of magic, he is also efficient in battle, as shown when he defeated the Black Magi, Judar.
Alluka is the treasured younger sister of Killua Zoldyck. She is usually sealed off in a room filled with dolls but gained access to the outside world after Killua retrieved her for the purpose of healing Gon. She is yet another member of the Zoldyck family with eccentric features, but in her case, it is largely due to the being residing within her named Nanika.
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Nanika is a creature that can fulfill any request no matter how seemingly improbable it may be. However, this service comes at a price. After granting a wish, it requests three things relative to the difficulty of the wish granted; similar to equivalent exchange. If her requests are not met, the user will be presented with devastating consequences, usually involving their deaths.
Shigeo is an unassuming young middle schooler with psychic abilities. His psychic powers are especially strong, and he is unquestionably among the strongest in the series. Despite his overwhelming strength, however, he is socially awkward and strongly dislikes violence.
Even with his distaste for violence, he continually finds himself in situations where the use of significant force is necessary. He is usually inclined to fight whenever his friends are in danger, as he treasures them greatly and will do anything to protect them. He can store up massive amounts of psychic energy and release them in catastrophic ways. In his fights against some of the anime's most powerful espers, such as Teruki Hanazawa and Toichiro Suzuki, Mob has always managed to come out on top.
Madoka is the second magical girl on this list and the titular protagonist of the series Puella Magi Madoka Magica. She is a kind-hearted and shy girl whose personality very much contrasts with the psychological theme of the anime. She is joined by other magical girls throughout the story, but misfortune is never far away from any of them.
As a regular magical girl, she was already granted superhuman abilities, but towards the end of the series, she evolved into an existence that could even be called omnipotent. She became a conceptual existence far surpassing regular mortals and has been shown to possess the power to rewrite the entire universe.
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