More Penny Blood Party and NPC Characters Revealed

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Studio Wildrose has shared some new updates on Penny Blood in regards to its characters and SP (Sanity Points) systems. Players familiar with the Shadow Hearts series will recognize SP, but there are some changes to how it works in this game. You will still be able to control your character, with both merits and demerits. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

When you lose all of your SP, your character becomes berserk. Again, you will still be able to issue commands, but the Psycho Sigil will go faster and with smaller hitboxes. While your character’s ATK will go up, their DEF will go down and they will not be able to defend themselves or escape. However, when insane, they can use hidden abilities.

Prior to this update, Studio Wildrose showed off Emilia and Suseri along with Matthew. This time, we have information on over six new characters.

Luca is a ten-year-old Inheritor from western Ukraine. He was taken away from his parents and lived alone in a castle on a cliff, and has unnatural powers. For example, he can heal wounds with a touch and cause shockwaves when angry. He joins Matthew in order to search for his parents. In battle, he can turn into a wolf, and he uses his small claws and fangs.

Vito is from Sicily, and is a fake magician who now resides in Monte Carlo. He is an immoral alcoholic and gambler, but when he uses his real power, he can create illusions and confuse people’s hearts. Vito doesn’t like to talk about his past associations with an underground organization and he lives in fear from his pursuers. But for some reason, he is kind to Luca and shows off a caring side in his interactions with Matthew. Instead of using weapons, he can copy an enemy’s skills and create an identical illusion with his Visualize technique. His C design will appear in-game.

Candy Nation is from Eureka Springs, Arkansas, but attends a prestigious school for girls in New York. She is a passionate activist and suffragette, and dreams of becoming the first female American President. Candy Nation is quick to jump to conclusions and has a habit of rampaging on her own.

Goliath is a homunculus that Doctor Frankenstein created over a hundred years ago. An explorer found him in the Arctic, and then he was sold off to slavers afterwards. He worked loyally for his various owners, but time has taken its toll on his body and he has lost over half of his original strength. Goliath is scared of others due to misunderstandings from his appearance, but he is very kind at heart. He tries to help Candy after she saved him, but she often ends up lecturing him. He uses a round object in battle.

There are also some characters who do not appear as party members in Penny Blood. However, they play a part in the main plot, as well as star in their own side stories (Japanese only). Roxane Archambeau is a dhampyr jazz singer who works as a vigilante at night. She is also one of the survivors of the Titanic disaster. The Hellhounders is also a group who plays an important role in side stories. They are a group of assassins who murdered politicians and millionaires after the end of World War I.

Penny Blood will come out on PS5, Xbox Series X, and Windows PC around Spring 2025.

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