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Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe can now wield the power of Thanos with newly released collectible replicas of the Infinity Stones.
Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will soon be able to feel the power of Thanos right in the palm of their hands with a recently unveiled series of collectible items.
News of the replicas' release came directly from the Disney merchandising platform's Twitter account, @shopDisney. In a tweet, two images were shared that showed off the collectibles, listed as Infinity Saga relics. The set includes The Tesseract/Space Stone, Loki's Scepter/Mind Stone, The Aether Container/Reality Stone, The Orb/Power Stone, The Eye of Agamotto/Time Stone and the Nano Gauntlet which holds all six Infinity Stones. The collectibles are being released in order of their appearance in the MCU starting with The Tesseract on Sept. 14. Following its release, each subsequent relic will be available for purchase a week after the previous one.
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At the time of writing, only the real-world versions of the Tesseract and Loki's scepter are available for purchase. However, it appears that each item comes with its own unique packaging, the ability to light up and a replica of the individual stone that pertains to each of the MCU's containment devices. The only stone that doesn't have a unique container for itself is the Soul Stone which was only attained through the sacrifice of a person's life on Vormir. Instead, it appears alongside the other stones in the Nano Gauntlet item.
The universe-altering items known as the Infinity Stones were first introduced in their contained forms throughout the MCU's Phase 1 films starting with a mid-credits scene in Thor. This scene revealed the existence of the Tesseract, which would be the primary vehicle for Red Skull's plans of world domination in Captain America's: The First Avenger. In the movies to follow, the Infinity Stones would often play a huge part — either by being the villain or hero's key to victory.
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The stones were first formally named in the second Avenger's film, Age of Ultron, when Thor had a vision of the relics and what kind of destruction they would bring to Earth. This ultimately culminated in Thanos' invasion of Earth, victory over the Avengers and the decimation of half the universe in Infinity War. The triumph was somewhat shortlived as half of the universe was restored in the final film of the MCU's first saga, Endgame.
The Tesseract and Loki's Scepter are available for purchase now at
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