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The Italian brand is fed up with the singer’s behaviour alongside their vehicles.
Justin Bieber is back to his old ways and has not lost his usual flair for controversy, with Ferrari having had enough of the singer’s recent behaviour with its cars and has decided to ban him from driving their vehicles.
Bieber had the Ferrari 451 as part of his collection in 2015 and the Italian brand asks its buyers to respect certain principles. For example, to take care of the car and maintain appropriate behaviour behind the wheel.
Ferrari did not take kindly to Bieber parking his car, leaving it for two weeks and then forgetting where it was. In fact, it was a member of his own staff who managed to track him down.
Ferrari also do not like owners to modify the appearance of their cars and Bieber not only changed the colour of his car, but then auctioned it off.
After this last incident, Ferrari has decided to veto any future purchase by Bieber.
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