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The best ways to acquire additional resources and rewards, such as magic items, troop cards, battle banner tokens, gold, and more, are through Clash Royale’s challenges and unique tournaments. This means engaging in combat to finish tasks and earning more prizes.
The Royal Tournament is the most recent installment of regular monthly tournaments that provide players the chance to fight for prizes and move up the leaderboard. Players may now participate in the July Royal Tournament and earn a variety of exclusive rewards, including money, legendary chests, troop cards, and more.
In this article, we will explore July’s Royal Tournament, its rewards, and more.

The Royal Tournament is a monthly tournament that the developers host to test new tournament decks and give away goodies like cash, battle banner tokens, legendary emotes, special chests, troop cards, and magic items.
As a result of their victories over other players, players are then ranked on the leaderboard. The top 100 players will receive a Legendary Emote as well as additional magic items like wild cards, books, chest keys, and more.
The in-game description of the July Season’s Royal Tournament is as follows:
To participate in the Royal Tournament, a player must have a King level of 8 or higher. In contrast to the Lava Hound Draft Challenge in Clash Royale, participants must first create an 8-card tournament deck before engaging in combat. All cards from Common to Champion, whether unlocked or not, may be included.
The best prizes go to those who win the most tournament matches. The top 100 players on the leaderboard that finish every battle will get a special Legendary Emote and an extra 100,000 gold.
All card levels, including the King Tower level, will be changed to level 11 to make the task fairer for everyone. Level 11 Skeleton Army and Mega Knight are the only levels that can be used in the Royal Tournament, regardless of whether a player has a level 13 Skeleton Army or a level 10 Mega Knight.
There are two award tiers in the Royal Tournament: free and bonus. The bonus tier is only accessible to players who purchase 500 Gems to unlock it, while all in-game combat winners will receive free rewards based on their number of victories.
The extra tier provides amazing advantages, including unique legendary chests, money, magical items, and more. By taking part in this tournament, participants can gain access to a variety of materials. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the event and rewards:
One of the most recent 1v1 tournaments in Clash Royale is the Royal Tournament, where players can try out various battle decks and win magic goods, extra cash, chest keys, trade tokens, legendary chests, and other rewards. Players should enter the event and try to finish in the top 100 of the leaderboard to earn 100,000 gold and a Legendary Emote.


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