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The Voice USA is back in 2022 with a brand new season and some new coaches. Season 22 kicked off on Monday, September 19th and John Legend, Camila Cabello, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are all ready for the bind auditions in their swivel seats. Blowing the judges away with his audition in episode 1 was Jay Allen.
Jay not only had some of the The Voice USA coaches fighting over him, but he also appears to gave tonnes of fans already, judging by viewers’ tweets. So, let’s find out more about Jay, including where he’s from, his age and job…
Jay Allen did a good job of Cody Johnson’s Till You Can’t … #TheVoice
Jay Allen is a singer who has lived in Nashville, Tennessee for the past 10 years.
He’s originally from a small town in Iowa called Cedar Falls. He’s 36 years old per Meaww.
According to his website bio, Jay is engaged to a fellow music artist, Kylie Morgan. The couple is set to get married on October 1st, 2022.
He has almost 55K followers on Instagram @jayallenmusic.
During The Voice USA season 22, Jay captured the audience both in the studio and at home.
He sang Cody Johnson’s ‘Til You Can’t during his audition and then gave everyone some of an original song he wrote called Blank Stares.
Many viewers took to Twitter to share that they loved Jay’s song. One tweeted that it was touching to them: “Jay Allen’s song its close to home wishing you good luck with Gwen Stefani”.
Jay Allen was great. His song for his mom was lovely. #TheVoice
Given Jay’s talent, it was no wonder that he had not one but two coaches wanting him on their team.
He had the choice between Gwen Stefani as a coach and her husband, Blake Shelton, at the end of his audition.
Jay ended up opting for Gwen as his coach and said: “Blake, I’m a giant fan, I respect you so much, but I have to choose your wife”.
Some fans were shocked that Jay picked Gwen over Blake however, many said that they “couldn’t wait” to see his journey with the No Doubt singer.


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