Recover Call Of Duty Mobile Account | 2022!

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Cod mobile account

How To Recover Call Of Duty Mobile Account Easily 2022!

Hey guys, so today we are going to talk about how to recover cod mobile account and how can you recover your cod mobile account if it has lost because of facebook if it was a guest account or it was connected to any other things or if your cod account has been banned

we will talk about each and every of these cases and will try to get a solution!

Cod Mobile Recovery

so before recovering your cod mobile account you should know

why you account has been lost! There can be so many reasons like you had not connected your gamer account with any social media and now you have lost your account, well you should now the accounts that are not connected with any social media are called Guest account

you might have lost your guest account as if you have reset your mobile or you have deleted the game from your phone or someone could have stolen your mobiles, don’t think i am saying sh*t i often read comments people commenting about how they lost their accounts, and

you may also could be a part of such tragedy!

And now lets talk about social media accounts!

now what if your account was connected with any social media and what are the chances to recover call of duty mobile account  When it was connected with social media account!

so guys it depends on what sort of social media account was connected

when it comes to their own account connecting service it sometimes easiest to recover and sometimes impossible to recover all of duty mobile account most of the times when you forget about what account you have connected with game account they simply say,

sorry we can not help with this matter as you have forgotten your account and they only suggest you to go into your gmail and check mails so that you would find your account which you have connected but this does not work all the time so then how can you recover call of duty mobile account?

i will tell the possible solution at the end!

How To Recover COD Account Facebook lost account !

now if we talk about the facebook then may be your facebook account might have got lost because  you may have forgotten your password of your  Facebook account or someone has hacked your account or your facebook account has been disabled

Then what can you do in order to recover call of duty mobile account,

first you have to try  to recover your facebook account first that would be one of the best way but i know that very well its not a piece of cake to recover your facebook account, well first i want to warn you about scammers!

if somebody approaches  you and says he can recover your account because he is a great hacker, guys stay away from such people no one can guarantee you that your account can be recovered from third party ways,

he might can recover your facebook account with his tricks but i dont recommend you to do that!

You can not recover your game account except in Game help centre always keep in mind in any game only people whe belong to the game’s help centre can only recover account no one else con not recover call of duty mobile account!

COD Account Hacked ?

if your cod account has been hacked then in order to get cod account back it could be a little bit difficult for you to get it back it can be recovered if your in game account has been taken and you still have access account then you can recover or if your guest account has been hacked that can also be recovered but if someone has got the whole

access of your account and you no longer can access it then it gets difficult to recover so what can you do in such situations!

i also want to aware you about some people say they are selling their cod account and they have so many cod account for sale stay away from there most of them are scammers!

How To Recover Cod Mobile Account

i will talk here about solutions and i will come on each and every case step by step!

lets talk about guest account!

if you have lost your account and that account was not connected with any social media and it is your guest account and guest accounts are easiest to recover !

all you need to do is to go into game setting and  contact the costumer serviceCod support


Now when you get into support

Now search account and get into can i restore my account?

you will find bar saying was it helpful tap on no

now  you will see an option contact us

Tap on it and this interface will open


Select that account option

Tap no they did not help!

Recover call of duty mobile account

Select guest account now and you will be connected to direct game support who will talk to you and will ask you about some questions about your account just give them proper details of your account and they will give your account back to your but keep in mind, you have to be patient because sometimes these process can take upto a week!

how to recover if lost because of facebook!

guys first you should try to recover  but if you are unable to do so then you have top contact the in game support and tell them how you lost your account they will help you with their best but

if they do not help you and make some sort excuse that they cant recover your account as it has been lost because it was connected to facebook!

then you have to start the conversation again and tell them that the account you have lost was a account which is guest and you want to recover a guest account this trick really helps and i have recovered my account with this trick!

you just have to pretend that your account was guest!

hacked cod mobile Account

if your accounts has got hacked you can contact them on Twitter account that belong to cod mobile and they may help you from there or you can also tell them from in game conversations!

here is that link click here for

and this link also helps click here

they definitely help from there but if in case it ain’t working go to in game conversation and tell them your account has been taken over and now even if they could not help then you have to use the trick that i have told in facebook recovery ! That works most of the times and you will be able to recover call of duty mobile account,

guys i hope your problem has been solved now and now you can go and get your account back.

If you have lost your coc account then click here

if you dont know me i am mak!

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