How To Play Call Of Duty Mobile Zombie Mode ! | Best Mode?

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How to play Call of Duty Mobile Zombies Mode

Don’t worry if you are wondering how to use Call of Duty Mobile Zombie mode. This guide will show you how to defeat zombies and avoid Warden encounters. Find tips on looting, base-building, and Undead Siege. No matter your level, this guide will help to navigate the zombie world.

Undead Siege in call of duty mobile zombie mode

You may wonder how to enter the zombie mode of Call of Duty Mobile. Although the zombie mode is not available right away, it can be accessed by reaching level 5. You can then play the zombie mode as often as you want. Here’s how to get into zombie mode, whether you are looking for a challenge or just want to play with friends.

Another way to enter the zombie game is through the Undead Siege mode. This is a different Zombies game than the usual ground-based battle. This game mode will require you to defend Richtofen’s Control Center against zombies that could destroy it. There are two levels available: easy and casual. Remember that Zombies are stronger at night, so you will need more firepower to defend your base.

With the Season 6 update, COD Mobile will have Undead Siege as a new zombie mode. This mode requires players to survive for five consecutiv days while fighting waves upon waves of zombies. To survive nighttime attacks, you’ll need supplies. Once you have mastered the basics of the undead mode’s gameplay, you can move on to more difficult zombie challenges and unlock stronger weapons.

You’ll notice an increase in difficulty as you move through the levels. Casual mode allows you to play for three nights while Harder requires you to stay up five nights. Undead Siege is a game where the action happens in one location at night. You’ll need to protect every corner of your base. Although it is possible to defeat a whole Zombies pack by yourself, this could backfire on your team. Your teammates can help you in the Control Centre and keep your base safe against zombies.

Warden encounters

The zombie mode of the game requires players to deal with waves upon waves of zombies. Your weapon’s power will increase the more zombies you kill. To quickly kill a zombie, aim for its head. You can also use frag grenades. Here are some tips to help you during these encounters. Keep an eye on Control Centre to ensure you can respawn dead players.

You can buy various items if you have high amounts of Zombie points, such as weapons and ammunition. Headshots can do more damage and kill zombies faster. You should make sure you don’t use up your ammunition as zombies are known to run out of it. You should always upgrade your weapons if you have lots of ammunition.

Playing in the “Zombies” mode is the best way to progress in COD Mobile. Activision promised that the Zombie mode would return, even though it was removed from the game in March 2020. It will be called “Undead Siege” and include new zombie encounters. You’ll be confronted with waves of zombies as you battle across the battlefield map, just like the name. To complete the level, you must survive at least five nights consecutively.

Zombies aren’t a very popular game mode on COD Mobile. You will need to join at least three other people to complete the task. Invite friends to play with you, or go it alone. To begin, tap the Start button. You can also collect weapons and supplies to help you survive. This is a great way to earn more points! You can then play more missions.


Protecting your Control Center is one of the best ways you can win Call of Duty Mobile, despite the many benefits of killing zombies. The Control Center is a popular location for zombies to gravitate towards, as they often ignore humans. It is important to protect your Control Center to survive in this mode. Significant damage to this structure can take a lot of wrench time. You can also fetch supplies during this period.

You should collaborate with your team to get the Mystery Box guns and remain hidden online. If you don’t move, the zombies will surround you and kill one of your team members. It is important to use your team to cover many angles and keep your base repaired. Looting can help you in the long term. You can eliminate zombies faster by using your turrets.

You can gather valuable resources like Aether Essence after you kill zombies. You can easily accumulate a lot of resources during the day. Looting enemies can also lead to Aether. You can use Aether to purchase items such as Zombified Edward Richtofen Operator skin and FR.556 Undead Watcher. You should spend the night protecting your base against the undead.

This game offers many advantages, including automatic looting and high-tier loot areas. If you want to be the best player in the game, this is especially important. The best loot is found in areas marked with orange colors. Looting in high-tier areas can lead to new weapons and ammunition. This will give you an advantage in battle and increase the chances of winning.


Building your base is one of the best ways you can survive in Call of Duty Mobile’s Zombies mode. You could only build one base in the original version. However, you can now add multiple turrets. You can beat your opponents and still survive by using different strategies. Once your base is built, you can get special rewards like weapons and cosmetics for your character.

The zombie mode in COD Mobile was removed in March 2020. Activision, however, stated that the model did not meet expectations and will be back in Season 6. The new zombie experience will give players the chance to try new weapons and feature a new battle map. You should be prepared for five-day matches in this game mode. This game mode is not recommended for players who don’t like zombies.

Mobile’s most dangerous enemy is the zombie. Mutated creatures will attack you and spew acid. Your loot will become more valuable the longer you survive. You’ll need to find ways to survive as long as possible as you build your base. You must also build farms if you won’t survive the game.

You can also spend the day hunting zombies or acquiring valuable resources. To eliminate zombie threats, you can also build turrets. You can upgrade turrets up to four times. You can also purchase various items from the base such as ammo or Death Machine. You can also purchase custom weapons, such as the ones found in Battle Royale.

Spending nights gathering resources

Your days on the Dead Island are better spent securing resources for later. While enemies are free to roam the map and attack you during the day, it may work in your favor. You should focus on protecting your base against the undead during the night. You can also obtain gold and Aether Essence. You can use this to buy additional weapons and ammunition. Be careful not to be selfish as this could jeopardize your progress.

The Season 6 update to COD Mobile has arrived. It includes new maps and weapons, events, and the return of the zombies. The update also includes Zombies Under Siege. This mode allows players to defend control centers and fight the undead nightly while gathering resources during the day. All players can access this update. The first phase is Undead Siege, and it will last five days.

Every night, the difficulty level of CoD Mobile’s zombie mode grows. The Harder mode requires five nights to complete, while Casual takes three nights. You must defend the chosen area during the night. Although it is possible to attack zombie packs by yourself, working together can prove more beneficial. You can use Essence to upgrade your turrets. Your squad’s firepower is affected by how many turrets they have.

In the Season 7 update, zombies were introduced for the first time. Activision had already announced that the mode would be paused. The zombies will return in Season 8. A new system, Fuel, was also introduced in the Heat update. This allows players to stay longer at the front lines of battle. To extend their daytime, players can purchase Boosters. Cool Down Jammer is another new feature in Zombies mode. The Cool Down Jammer is a cooldown timer that charges and gives the player an additional boost. Five new guns are available for the Zombies Mode.

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