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Need help getting rid of that awful Clash of Clans username?
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Clash of Clans is a classic mobile game initially released in August 2012, but many play it to this day. This poses a problem for some players who may have had a lapse in judgment when choosing their username but fret not. Players can change this unfortunate relic of a username in Clash of Clans by following these simple steps.
In order to change Clash of Clans usernames, players will need to have first progressed in the game until they have reached Town Hall Level 5. While the game allows you to change your username for free the first time, there is a cost attached to any future name changes.
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For any subsequent name change, remember that gems are required as payment. Players must also wait at least seven days before attempting to make any additional name changes.
This opportunity to break free of our silly old usernames in Clash of Clans is a blessing but use it wisely unless you want to pay for it next time. Also, be mindful of restrictions such as avoiding special characters or inappropriate names that could get you banned from the game.

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