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ASBR’s Dramatic Finishes recreate fan-favorite scenes from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. More importantly, they look freakin’ cool!
Arena gimmicks are not the only fun references you'll find in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R. On the contrary, each stage has an additional easter egg called Dramatic Finishes. If you've ever played Dragon Ball FighterZ, you've witnessed a similar Dramatic Finish feature.
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Dramatic Finishes are unique cutscenes that occur after a match gets decided. Each Dramatic Finish references iconic scenes from JJBA. For instance, Morioh Town's Dramatic FInish features the haunted alleyway from Diamond Is Unbreakable. Another Dramatic Finish on Cairo Bridge recreates DIO's iconic steamroller attack. There are plenty more Dramatic Finishes where that came from, but each requires specific conditions to activate.
Performing a Dramatic Finish is a straightforward task. All the player must do is meet two conditions:
Activating each stage's Dramatic Finish earns two game achievements, listed in the table below:
In the following sections, we'll briefly describe each arena's Dramatic Finish and the direction one's finishing move must face to trigger the special event.
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