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Non-profit organization, Fred Rogers Productions, is bringing back its hit kids program, Alma's Way, next year. The show hit the scene in late 2021 and was met with critical acclaim. The series is currently ongoing with its season finale feasibly being its next episode.
Fred Rogers Productions made the announcement and is thrilled to see the show get more time in the spotlight as the show continues to focus on what it does best, spotlighting responsible decisions, self-awareness, critical thinking, and empathy. As you may expect, the show targets the young audience ranging from four to six-years-old. 
Fred Rogers chief creative officer, Ellen Doherty, places its focus on critical thinking and community to be the reason behind the show's resounding success.
“We’re thrilled that audiences have so warmly embraced Alma’s Way and will soon get to tag along on new adventures with Alma as she continues to think things through alongside her friends and family in the Bronx. The show’s focus on critical thinking and community has resonated strongly with viewers universally, and the new season will provide them with an even more expansive look at Alma’s world.”
Sonia Manzano, the series creator, said that the show making the process of thinking “exhilarating, joyous, and fun” for kids is the reason the show resonated so well and is excited to see the show continue on in another season.

Alma's Way follows Alma Riveria, a six-year-old Puerto Rican girl living in the Bronx with her parents, brother, and Abuelo. It isn't just her family, though, she is also surrounded by her Latino community and wide range of friends. This season will add even more chums for the six-year-old to interact with. 
The new season will include 25 episodes each spanning half an hour with two half-hour specials also mixed in. PBS Kids will start airing the second season sometime in fall 2023.
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