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Gundam : The Witch From Mercury debuted this weekend, with many fans realizing its overt references to Revolutionary Girl Utena.
The most obvious reason comes from Gundam Witch ‘s writer, Ichirou Ookouchi– while he’s had a stellar history with the Gundam series, writing The 08th MS Team and Turn A Gundam- but he also wrote the light novel adaptation of Revolutionary Girl Utena.
Gundam’s references to Utena are so overt that they can’t be anything else but intentional, with the plot being an almost beat-for-beat reenactment of Utena’s first episode as main character Suletta saves Miorine from her terrible engagement,
Fans have of course taken notice of this, with plenty of edits of official art from the either series being edited to include elements of the other.
I guess we were wrong. You do need to watch another show before you can watch GWitch. That show is just not any Gundam. It’s Shoujo Kakumei Utena“, writes one Twitter user, Luna.
One fan even compared scenes from the two to each other, showing off just how much The Witch From Mercury homages Revolutionary Girl Utena.
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First episode! Your already get your bride!
— karasu1776 (@karasu1776) October 3, 2022
The hype around Gundam: The Witch From  Mercury is a great example of what happens when your series is free from baggage- not launching in the mainline Universal Century means just about anyone can get into it, and more importantly, no one can really guess what the rules are.
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