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Gundam Evolution launched on PC on September 21, 2022, with a console launch at a later date. The team-based FPS is a free-to-play game and comes with several mobile suits available for free, and others that can be unlocked later.
The developers have confirmed that there will be more mobile suits launching as the game’s lifespan goes on. At launch, 12 mobile suits are available, and 4 more can be purchased via EVO Coins (real money currency) or Capital (free currency). Here’s what is known about them at the moment.
One of the great things about Gundam Evolution is that the mobile suits are not specifically divided into classes. That could change in the future, but at launch, this is the case. Many of the mobile suits can fulfill a number of traditional roles on a Hero Shooter team-tanking, healing, sniping, and DPS.
The tutorial will guide the player through the game as Pale Rider, which is an average difficulty mobile suit armed with a Bullpup Machine Gun. It also has an EMP Grenade to slow down foes and a Repair Pod to heal allies in the circle.
On the other hand, the Methuss from Zeta Gundam has a Repair Cable that attaches to and heals an ally. They can also drop a turret for extra damage, and use the Energy Cable to reduce incoming damage to an ally, while also buffing that unit’s outgoing damage. It deals solid damage at mid-range, while also being incredibly useful as a healer.
Here are all of the mobile suits that players can begin with. Thankfully, players have access to a wide assortment of playstyles without having to spend any money.
Conversely, there are 5 mobile suits that can be purchased with real-money currency (EVO Coins) or free currency (Capital). As of this writing, these units all cost 990 Coins or 1980 Capital.
Gundam Evolution also has another option to unlock all four of these mobile suits right away, for 4,000 EVO Coins. This is known as the “DX Edition” of Gundam Evolution and unlocks all four units as well as a number of Legendary skins.
Players will receive a Legendary skin, Legendary weapon skin, and the Legendary “Shinobi Haro” weapon charm, which can be equipped by all mobile suits. These skins in the bundle cannot be unlocked anywhere else.
Gundam Evolution also will have other mobile suits in the future to unlock, and while it is unclear if bundles like the DX Edition will be available, it does unlock all four of the recently added mobile suits right away. It’s worth noting that EVO Coins cannot be purchased until September 23, 2022.
The Gundam action is available now on PC. It will arrive on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S on December 1, 2022.


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