Greyson Chance Refused To Watch Justin Bieber's Documentary So Ellen Did THIS To His Mom – Music Times

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In an explosive revelation yesterday, Greyson Chance has doubled the internet’s emotions against former daytime show host Ellen DeGeneres.
Chance, who rose to prominence, has revealed how his former manager, Ellen, had manipulated and berated him and his mother numerous times during the start of his career.
Recently, fans are fleshing out the lengthy revelation. One of the most bothersome behaviors that they are pointing out is how Ellen had berated Greyson Chance’s mother Lisa over the phone after the child star refused to do something.
In a tell-all interview in Rolling Stone, Greyson Chance has finally spoken up about his own truth and threw Ellen DeGeneres, his former manager, on all of the abuse and mistreatment he had received when he was young.
In 2010, Ellen invited Greyson Chance, who took social media by storm because of his impressive cover of Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi.” Since then, Chance was picked up by different mainstream media outlets and grew to become a full-fledged internet personality turned recording artist.

Elsewhere in the Rolling Stone article, Greyson Chance recalled a moment in his career when he was instructed by Ellen to watch Justin Bieber’s documentary “Never Say Never.”
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At the time, the “Waiting Outside the Lines” singer was touring with Miranda Cosgrove’s “Dancing Crazy” Tour in 2011. On his third stop in Cleveland, Ellen demanded him to watch the Justin Bieber documentary she got in advance for him. However, because he was exhausted, as a 14-year-old then, watching the flick was not his priority on that day.

Greyson Chance says Ellen yelled and berated his mom on the phone over him not watching Justin Bieber's “Never Say Never” documentary:

“‘What type of mother are you? Do you realize that I went out of my way to get this for you, and he can’t sit down and watch it?’”

When Ellen got a hold of the information that Chance refused to watch it, he then proceeded to call Lisa, his mom.
“I’ll never forget this. I just remember hearing on the other side of the phone, just yelling [and] beratement: ‘What type of mother are you? Do you realize that I went out of my way to get this for you, and he can’t sit down and watch it?'” Ellen screamed over the phone while Chance overheard.
Still not done with her meltdown, Ellen even told Greyson over the phone that disappointment was not even remotely what she felt at the time.
In 2012, after successfully dropping his EP “Truth Be Told,” Ellen “completely abandoned” him and was eventually dropped from his label and his team, Entertainment Weekly reports.
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