Genshin Impact SMAA Anti-Aliasing Will Return on PCs

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Following its removal with the 3.2 patch, HoYoVerse confirmed subpixel morphological anti-aliasing (SMAA) will return for the PC version of the game. When the update went live on November 2, 2022, people playing on computers found it was removed as an anti-aliasing option. However, the update summary in game reported this is a “known issue” and that HoYoVerse will restore it in the future. There’s no exact date for its return yet.

As a reminder, all of the options involve anti-aliasing options that could make the game look better. For example, enabling one might result in smoother appearances. Prior to update 3.2, people playing Genshin Impact on a PC could go with SMAA, temporal anti-aliasing (TAA), or none. After the patch, only AMD Fidelity Super Resolution 2 (FSR 2) and none could be selected. Both SMAA and TAA were gone.

Here’s the exact quote from the HoYoVerse update summary people can see under the “known issues” section when looking in-game.

In order to accommodate the configuration needs of different Travelers, we will restore the PC version’s SMAA anti-aliasing option in a later update. After the update, the anti-aliasing options of the PC version will be adjusted to: “None,” “FSR 2,” and “SMAA.” Please stay tuned for future notices.

Genshin Impact is available for the PS4, PS5, PC, and mobile devices. 3.2 is live now and adds the Shouki no Kami Weekly Boss and Nahida.

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