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Dr Disrespect revealed his favorite CoD game, explaining why Black Ops 2 was the “purest” series entry.
Modern Warfare 2’s Open Beta performed well numbers-wise but received a mixed reception. Dr Disrespect was very outspoken about the game’s problems. He argued Modern Warfare 2’s “horrific” SBMM makes the game destined to fail.
As a former Level Designer on Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, Doc provides a unique perspective on CoD. He knows the ins and outs of the franchise’s design process and is now a direct competitor.
The streamer previously announced his own studio, Midnight Society, and a first-person shooter named DEADDROP. Despite his deteriorating relationship with Activision and the series as a whole, the content creator couldn’t help but praise Black Ops 2.
While playing the Modern Warfare 2 beta, Dr Disrespect and Swagg shared their favorite CoD games.
Swagg said his favorite game was Modern Warfare 3 because he “liked every single map, the specialists, and the guns felt amazing.”
The Doc explained why Black Ops 2 is his favorite CoD game.
“I feel like that was the purest Call of Duty,” Dr Disrespect said. “the DLC, map design, and the way the weapons felt were fun.”
The true difference maker for him was the introduction of League Play. The competitive game mode featured six different divisions, and players moved up and down based on performances. The game mode used the same settings, modes, and 4v4 teams as the pro scene.
“They added that whole league system, and they just nailed the pacing of the game right.”
Treyarch developed Black Ops 2, and their last major entry was Black Ops Cold War. The studio’s next mainline game will be CoD 2024.


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