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It’s just like my Japanese animes!
The Cyberpunk Edgerunners anime is now available for streaming on Netflix — and fans are going nuts over Cyberpunk all over again. There’s a good reason to return if you’re a fan of the anime. After the latest 1.6 Update, you can now acquire a recreation of David’s Jacket — David is the main character of the anime, wearing a distinctive yellow jacket when going up against corporations. If you want to emulate your new favorite anime, here’s how to find the quest and acquire this unique jacket.
This is a simple quest that’s also tricky if you’re a returning player. You’ll need to remember how to access text messages. Before getting into the full guide, here’s a quick explanation for texting. Open the menu, reveal the pop-up menu over the [Journal] selection, then select [Messages]. From this menu, you can access different characters and text conversations. By selecting the message at the bottom of a text, you can send a DM to begin the quest.
For this quest, you’ll need to send specific text messages to two different characters. One of them is brand new, making this quest surprisingly tricky — accessing text messages isn’t very intuitive. Whether you’re stuck on this quest or just need to be pointed in the right direction, we’ve got a full explanation for this mission below.
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To find the Cyberpunk Edgerunners anime tie-in quest, go to the Side-Job Marker on the southern Megabuilding 04 in Santo Domingo, Arroyo. Check the map location — this side-job marker gives you “Over The Edge.” Starting this quest leads to an alley with green graffiti.
Falco will mention a gift. Travel to the new quest marker — it is located on top of the Rancho Coronado Dam.
The Jacket isn’t incredibly good, but it does look just like the jacket David wears in the Cyberpunk Edgerunners anime. If you’re looking to copy his look, then now you know where to find it.
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