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Under new laws, if your massage therapy license is expired, 24 continuing education hours must be completed in order to apply for licensure, and all of them may be taken online. If you move to Colorado from a different state, you must still complete 24 continuing education hours to apply for licensure.
You are required as a Colorado massage therapist to maintain professional liability insurance, and you must demonstrate evidence of active practice or 24 hours of continuing education.
No matter your skill level, you can’t guarantee that nothing will go wrong at your professional practice. A professional can’t be too careful. There will always be situations that are out of your control.
There are a variety of situations and occurrence that could result in a client suing you, whether that is a slip and fall accident occurring in your business premises, a wrong product used or a simple oversight.
However, all it takes is one lawsuit to potentially wipe out a massage therapist’s finances and practice when liability insurance isn’t in place.
Claims can be damaging to both you and your business and can also be incredibly stressful. In addition to losing money, the reputation of your practice can be damaged without repair through claims. The right massage therapist insurance will cover all these scenarios that may occur in the state of Colorado.
Professional liability insurance coverage has many benefits for massage professionals. The types of insurance and its benefits depend on the specific needs of your business.
Professional liability insurance, also known as malpractice insurance, will cover claims related to lack of professional skills or misconduct that results in injuries. Even if you have the right skills and experience, you cannot be sure that all clients will believe it.
In considering your specific needs, the right coverage can save you and your business. Shopping around and comparing insurance rates is also important, as it will help you find a policy that is most affordable for you, providing you with both physical protection and peace of mind.
MASSAGE Magazine Insurance Plus can be an easy and inexpensive option for massage therapists who need insurance.
Massage schools tend to carry their own liability insurance policies, but this does not mean that students at these schools are safe from potential lawsuits.
Under MASSAGE Magazine Insurance Plus, massage students can get a policy for $25, which, for the first year, comes complete with all the benefits of the professional insurance program. This policy covers students for 12 full months with $2 million of professional and general liability insurance, plus rental and damage insurance.
Massage professionals can buy a policy for $159, which covers massage professionals for one year. You will receive free online continuing education with your purchase and immediate coverage and proof of insurance within minutes.
General liability coverage will cover claims for injuries or accidents occurring on the premises of your business, such as slip and fall accidents. Product liability coverage will protect you against claims related to injuries resulting from the product you use. There are other types of insurance coverage that you can consider, which will cover a range of other possible claims.
As a Colorado massage therapist, you can’t be too careful. Comparing the fairly low annual fees associated with most massage liability programs to the massive amount of coverage these policies provide, it appears the old saying, better safe than sorry, certainly applies.
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