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CoD Mobile Season 5: Tropical Vision is now live with a range of fresh content available for players around the globe. From new weapons, maps, and balance changes, here’s everything in the full patch notes for the latest major update.
As we’re now in the fifth month of the year, it can only mean one thing. CoD Mobile’s fifth seasonal update is upon us.
Keeping the momentum rolling with all new content in the form of maps, weapons, modes, and plenty of cosmetics, Season 5 is sure to be another exciting phase for CoD Mobile.
So now that it’s officially underway, be sure to brush up on everything there is to know about CoD Mobile Season 5: Tropical Vision.
CoD Mobile Season 5: Tropical Vision went live on Wednesday, June 1 at 5PM PT.
As usual, this coincided with the end of the Season 4 Battle Pass. Once the update went live, the previous season’s offerings disappeared as the new wave of content took center stage.
While it’s always a guessing game in the leadup to a new season, we knew a few weeks out that one new map was confirmed for CoD Mobile Season 5.
Black Ops Cold War’s Apocalypse was first teased on May 16, with the usual cryptic post on social media.
“What secrets hide in the jungle?” devs asked alongside a picture of the competitive map that coincidentally arrived in Cold War’s fifth season.
Apocalypse features in all the standard game types now that it’s live in CoD Mobile Season 5,
New in CoD Mobile Season 5 is a revamped Guns Blazing game mode. In this unique playlist, you can power up to become a super-soldier with devastating power.
Upon filling up your Fury gauge by earning kills and playing well, you transform into a super-soldier equipped with Death Machines in either hand along with a health boost.
The first player to earn 30 points will be crowned the winner in Guns Blazing Encore.
Having launched on May 10, the new test build arrived with three brand new guns not yet available in CoD Mobile. The Oden Assault Rifle, KSP45 SMG, and LCAR9 Pistol all feature in the limited testing period.
New Assault Rifle: Oden Gameplay in #CODMobile.
— CoD Mobile Intel (@codmINTEL) May 10, 2022

While these three weapons all appeared, just one is making its presence known in CoD Mobile Season 5: The Oden AR.
With more Modern Warfare 2019 guns featuring in CoD Mobile than almost any other title, the Oden certainly helps round out the list.
One key Perk change appeared to be all but finalized in the latest CoD Mobile test build as Persistence was adjusted.
Persistence has been adjusted in the test server. ✅️ #CODMobile
— Call Of Duty: Mobile Leaks & News (@PlayCODNews) May 10, 2022

Rather than scorestreak costs being doubled, streaks are now divided into three tiers.
Players using the Perk can choose three streaks across low, middle, and high ranks with set costs for each. 
Also featured in the latest CoD Mobile test build before being locked in for Season 5 was a new piece of Tactical Equipment, the Echo Grenade. This new tool can be thrown out to “detect enemy locations,” as the official description reads.

In essence, opposing players tagged by the grenade will be highlighted for a short period. Regardless of where they are, or how many walls may stand in between, you’ll still be able to spot them for a brief moment thanks to this grenade.
For the first time in CoD Mobile, the latest Battle Pass is headlined by a female cast of characters. As always, these characters come fit with new skins, weapons, and equipment found in the Battle Pass.
🌴 😤 Jungle rescue mission is a go!
✨ Unlock Rampage and her squad in the premium #CODMobile Season 5 Battle Pass!
— Call of Duty: Mobile (@PlayCODMobile) June 2, 2022

Both free and premium tiers are on offer once again, with everything from AK-47 Weapon Blueprints to the aforementioned Echo Grenade available throughout.
New Map
Trails of clues lead the team to the wild jungles of Laos. Here we raid a jungle cartel stronghold. Soldiers in the enemy stronghold must beware, danger awaits in this rainforest.
Come try out the new map Apocalypse!
New Mode
A new mode with two super warriors fighting each other with accumulating rage! Players gain rage whenever they get a kill streak bonus score or die. When the rage bar is full, super warrior status is obtained! In the super warrior state, players will get higher health bars and dual-wield death machines.
Guns Blazing Mode returns, enjoy becoming the super warrior in epic fights!
Ranked Match
New Feature
Minimap Customization
New feature: long press the minimap to expand the full size map, release to close. Players can set this in the minimap customization settings.
HUD Customization
The previous version of the Lite HUD only supported core mode. In the current version, this function has been updated and optimized to support all MP modes.
Hardpoint In-Game Point Prediction
When the current point countdown is 10 seconds, the next location point will be notified to the player on the player’s interface HUD and minimap.
Function Updates
FFA Mode Spawn Point Optimization
Optimized the spawn locations where the player used to spawn too close when starting in FFA mode on some maps.
Jump Key Optimization:
Clicking the jump button while ADS no longer triggers the function of jumping over obstacles.
Hardpoint Loading Point Information Optimization:
Now players can see all the points and the information of the order during the loading of the Hardpoint mode.
Voice Optimizations:
OB Optimizations in MP Mode:
Initial Orientation Optimization
Optimized the problem that the initial orientation was reset, now the orientation of the player at the start will remain after the countdown
Performance Updates
Bullet Trajectory Optimization:
Now the bullet trajectory of teammates and enemies is clearer, and information can be easily obtained.
Reload Prompt Optimization:
Firearms Performance Optimization:
Voice Broadcast Optimization:
Other Optimization:
Battle Royale
New Mode
BR Prop Hunt
Function Updates
New Weapon
Assault Rifle Oden
Tactical Equipment Echo Grenade
Balance Adjustment
Multiplayer & Battle Royale
AR/SMG/LMG Bullet Spread Adjustment
In the current versions of the battle rhythm, we have made a unified evaluation and adjustment to the distribution value of AR/SMG/LMG firearms. Overall, the average distribution of each gun system has been lowered:
Swordfish, M16, Pharo, LK24, FR .556, ICR-1, AK-47, HVK-30, Man-O-War, HBRa3
M4, M4LMG, DR-H, UL736
Kilo 141, KN-44, M13, ASM10, AK117, BK57, CR-56 AMAX, RPD, AS VAL, Type 25, Holger 26, GKS, Chopper, Hades, QQ9, QXR
In the previous version, ADS bullet spread was too accurate, even more than some marksman rifles. We have increased the spread to balance.
AR/SMG/SG/SR Movement Speed Adjustment
DR-H, HVK-30, CR-56 AMAX, HBRa3, AK117, M13, KRM-262, R9-0
The current use of Mac-10 is very high. Mac-10 can deal relatively stable damage even at a slightly longer distance. Therefore, we appropriately adjusted the damage of the second range to reduce its advantage in mid-range.
Assault Rifle Reload Speed Adjustment
FR .556
Peacekeeper MK2
New attribute for attachment Crossbar
As one of the first high-rate rifles to be launched, the AK117 is favored by many fighters, but its relatively uncontrollable recoil and weakness at medium distances make it slightly inferior to other high-rate rifles. Therefore, we have slightly increased its range and damage at the second range, and increased the damage multiplier to the upper chest and arms to ensure that it can eliminate the enemy with 4 shots on the upper chest and arms within the second range. So that its combat capability at medium distances can keep up with the mainstream level of the current version.
At the same time, we have updated the resources for its reloading action, and made corresponding fine-tuning of the reloading time according to the performance of the action.
In the initial design of LK24, we wanted it to be an assault rifle that can be used for mid-to-long-range camping. However, since the current version of the bullet spread is uniformly adjusted, the characteristics of the LK24 are not prominent enough. Therefore, we want to re-adjust it to match its positioning.
We have adjusted the bullet spread algorithm so that the first few bullets have higher accuracy under the condition that the maximum spread remains unchanged during continuous firing; and the bullet spread in the moving state is increased.
As a medium-rate submachine gun, GKS has been struggling to adapt to the current meta. In order to bring it back to the battlefield, we hope to give a spotlight to its ADS ballistic advantages by slightly increasing its basic movement speed, canceling the penalty of bullet spread in the moving state, and strengthening its flexible Sprint-to-Fire characteristics. We have also adjusted the damage algorithm so that GKS can eliminate the enemy with three shots in the upper body at close range. We hope this will help regain its advantage in the battlefield.
Renetti’s three bursts have higher requirements for accuracy, however, the range of 6m-15m is too short in comparison to all secondary weapons. Therefore, we have increased the range to help it adapt into the current meta.
Perk: Persistence
The initial intention of Persistence’s design is to allow more players to experience the fun of the unique scorestreaks of the COD series. However, due to the overpowering mechanism, the technical threshold for players to obtain advanced scorestreaks is too low. This affected the overall combat experience. Therefore, we are looking to make the following adjustments:


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