Clash of Clans leads raise €5 million to form new studio BIT ODD | Game World Observer – Game World Observer

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BIT ODD is a new Helsinki-based studio founded by several Clash of Clans lead developers. The team has raised €5 million to develop a multiplayer game inspired by the 80s aesthetic.

The round was led by VC firm Index Ventures, with other participants including angel investor Stephane Kurgan and Eric Seufert’s Heracles Capital fund.
Bit Odd’s founding team consists of three games industry veterans who worked together at Supercell for over six years:
“Game design should be about making a leap of faith — on what stirs the soul, on visiting uncharted waters, on the ideas and artisanal touches and magical moments that make up a rich and unique player experience,” Louhento said.
The new studio is now working on its debut game, which is described as an immersive, multiplayer project set in a world that is imbued with a “kind of campy, soft-horror, 1980s mood and aesthetic.”
The game’s title and release date are yet to be announced by Bit Odd.
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