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This morning a new update washed up on Boom Beach’s (Free), uhh, beaches. Supercell is calling the update “A New Hope for Victory Screen Enthusiasts,” and it includes, of course, a new victory screen.
Most of today’s update involves the game’s visuals: there are some new unit models, extra animations, improved legibility, and some new info screen pop-ups. Other general housekeeping notes include your basic bug fixes and optimizations. By and large, this is the kind of minor upkeep you’d expect from a popular game in the first few weeks after launch. No biggie.
However, today’s update also include some re-balancing, and these may prove unpopular: defensive statue boost time has been decreased, freed Kual villages produce less gold, and player base resource rewards are now smaller. In short, Boom Beach is a bit harder now than it was a few weeks ago.
In a post on their forums, Supercell explained that the update was designed to “restore balance” to Boom Beach’s in-game economy. A successful raid on an enemy usually results in some plundered loot. However, there’s also the Bonus Loot system, a minimum baseline reward designed to guarantee that attacking players always benefitted from a raid. Bonus Loot doesn’t come out of another player’s coffers, though—it’s generated out of thin air.

As a result, Boom Beach has been artificially flooded with extra resources, according to Supercell, and this update was designed to “restore some of the challenge that has been lost along the way.” Supercell aren’t entirely sure what effect these changes will have on the gameplay experience for users, however.
If you haven’t dipped your toes into Boom Beach yet, our review is a good place to start. From there, we also have a beginner’s guide and some tips on how to get good results without spending a fortune. The official patch notes for today’s update can be found here.


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