Bleach: Brave Souls hosting the Thousand-Year Blood War Step-Up Summons event, offering up a much better chance to roll for rare characters – Pocket Gamer

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Developer KLab Inc has announced that the massively popular mobile 3D action game Bleach: Brave Souls will be hosting a brand new event that will thoroughly increase the rates at which you’ll receive rare characters within the summoning pool gacha mechanic. This event, entitled the Thousand-Year Blood War Step-Up Summons -Essence- will begin on July 31st, and will also run parallel alongside the free 5-star Thousand-Year Blood War character that will be handed out too.
Before we dig into these increased rates, we should also note the addition of three new characters into the game as well, who will all have an increased chance to appear within your gacha rolls. First, we’ve got Yhwach in his Thousand-Year Blood War The End version. Yhwach is the emperor of the Wandenreich, and will be recognizable to any fan of the Bleach series. Then, we have Shigekuni Genryusai Yamamoto in his Thousand-Year Blood War The Fire version. This old and wise sensei wields a large katana with finesse and expertise and will slice up the battlefield in your honour. Finally, we have the legendary villain Sosuke Aizen in his Thousand-Year Blood War The Agony version. Aizen needs no introduction, as he is the primary antagonist of the series, and this will be his strongest version in Brave Souls introduced yet.
All three of these characters alongside some already existent Thousand-Year-Blood War heroes in the game will have boosted rates during the run time of this event, so they’re more likely to appear for you. There will also be a free 5-star character in the Free Thousand-Year Blood War Summons banner, which guarantees you’ll get a 5-star for completely free as long as they are associated with the theme of this event.
If you’d like to check out this brand new event within Bleach: Brave Souls, you can check either of the links below and download it for free right now!

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